Cameron cap badge The Queens Own Cameron Highlanders
"Keep 'em Moving"

Zig canal & Cameron Bridge
Dutch flag
Holland, November 1944

On 16th November, 1944, 5th battalion Queens Own Cameron Highlanders, moved through woods to the village of Stokershorst, preparing for another canal crossing - the Zig Canal. The action was to earn high praise from the 12th Corps Commander, General Sir Neil Ritchie.
Sketch map of Cameron Bridge attack
Sketch map of attack at Cameron Bridge

Zig Canal, Cameron Bridge 1944Zig (Uitwaterings) Canal. 1944, with "Cameron Bridge" in the background.

Zig (Uitwaterings) canal 2007Zig Canal 2007

Cameron Bridge 1944

On 18th November 1944, a "class 40" bridge was built over the canal where "A" & "C" companies had fought so hard. It was named:


Lt. General Brian Horrocks, 30th Corps Commander wrote: "Had not the 5th Camerons held onto their foothold on the east bank of the Zig canal, the advance of the whole Corps might well have been delayed for an apprciable time".

The Nederweert canal is to the left of the 3 men.

location of site of Cameron Bridge 2007

This is the approximate position of where "Cameron Bridge" would have been in 1944. The Main road runs parallel to the Noordervaart canal towards Venlo.
The Picture is looking toward a branch off the Noordervaart and is taken from the Zig Canal, side of the road. The Zig runs at 90 degrees to the road and Noordervaart canal.

Sluice/lock keepers house 1944Sluice/lock keepers house 2007. Now an Art gallery
Possibly the Lock / Sluice gate operators house. Now an art gallery, it has an added floor and, the ground floor central window, shows where the original door-way was.

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