The Queens Own Cameron Highlanders
79th of Foot
Cameron Highlanders, 79th of Foot crest "Keep 'em Moving" Cameron Highlanders, 79th of Foot crest
The "79th Regiment" or "Cameron Volunteers" raised at Fort William, Scotland. 17th August 1793. Major Allan Cameron became Colonel of the Regiment 
2934077 Sgt George Sands. MM.  1939 to 1946 Queens Own Cameron Highlanders
Born in Birstall, near Leeds, Yorkshire, 18th December 1916, George enlisted for duty with His Majesty's armed forces at the outbreak of war, September 1939. He was instructed to report to Cameron barracks, Inverness, Scotland, in January 1940.
He would serve with 1st & 2nd battalions Liverpool Scottish, and 2nd & 5th battalions The Queens Own Cameron Highlanders.
He was fiercely proud of being part of 51st Highland Division & 152nd Brigade and a member of the FAMILY;

The Queens Own Cameron Highlanders
1939 - 1946
2934077 Sgt George Sands. MM.  1939 to 1946 Queens Own Cameron Highlanders
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Cameron barracksHonours & Awards to Cameron Highlanders51st Highland Division Veterans at Vught for 65th anniversary of Liberation
Liverpool ScottishHonours & Awards to Cameron Highlanders,
OBE. & M.B.E.
Tributes, Condolences and thanks to George Sands
2nd & 5th Camerons 1942, Africa & AlameinHonours & Awards to Cameron Highlanders
B.E.M & M.C
War time telegrams, letters etc.
5th Camerons 1942-43 Africa, Mareth & Wadi AkaritHonours & Awards to Cameron Highlanders
D.C.M. & M.M.
The Vught Plaque
Sicily and return Home 1943Honours & Awards to Cameron Highlanders
George Medal & Mentioned in Despatches
4th and 5th battalion Camerons
France, St Honorine, June 1944Cameron Reunions. 
France, St valery, September 1944Fallen Camerons, Catania war cemetery, Sicily
Le Havre, September 1944 (under construction)Fallen Camerons, Syracuse war cemetery, SicilyPhotos from Richard Massey ex 5th Camerons
Best, Holland, October 1944 (under construction)Fallen Camerons, Bayeux war Cemetery, FrancePhotos from Ted Murcar ex 5th Camerons
Schijndel & Vught, Holland, October 1944Fallen Camerons, Douvres La Delivrande FrancePhotos from Arthur Rowledge ex 5th Camerons
Heusden, Holland, November 1944Fallen Camerons, Hermanville war Cemetery, FrancePhotos from Derek Suggate ex 5th Camerons
Nederweert Canal Crossing, Holland, November 1944 (under construction)Fallen Camerons, Hotton war cemetery, BelgiumPhotos of Colour Sgt Arthur Crockett
Zig Canal, Cameron Bridge, Holland, November 1944Fallen Camerons, Mook war cemetery, HollandPhotos from Jack Galbraith ex 5th Camerons
s'Hertogenbosch,StMichielsgestel,Holland,December 1944Fallen Camerons, Uden war cemetery, HollandPhotos from Sid Standish ex 5th Camerons
Battle of the Bulge,Ardennes, January 1945, LiegeFallen Camerons, St. Oedenrode, HollandPhotos from Fred Johnson ex 5th Camerons
Im Lohr, Mittleburg, Dinxperlo, March 1945Fallen Camerons, Mierlo war cemetery, HollandPhotos of Sidney Lawson ex 5th Camerons
Bremerhaven, Cuxaven, Germany, April / May 1945Fallen Camerons. Valkenswaard war cemetery, HollandPhotos of John Henry Raine ex 5th Camerons
War over Camerons at Play, Germany 1945Fallen Camerons, Bergen-Op-Zoom war cemetery, HollandPhotos from ex Sgt. James Petrie
Westertimke Guard duties, Germany 1945-46Fallen Camerons, Reichswald war cemetery, GermanyPhotos from 2931396 Reg Leadbeater MM
Roll of Honour; Cameron Officers  1939 to 1945Kohima cemetery and MemorialsPhotos from 3600273 John Brunskill
Roll of Honour; Cameron Warrant Officers 1939 to 1945Fallen Camerons Kohima cemeteryPhotos from Andrew McGowan
Roll of Honour; Cameron Corporals 1939 to 1945Fallen Camerons Taukkyan and Rangoon cemeterysCan you help with Information
Roll of Honour; Cameron Lance Corporals 1939 to 1945Normandy 60th Anniversary, 12th June 2004March of the Cameron men. Regimental march & song
Roll of Honour; Cameron Privates 1939 to 1945. A to BSt Honorine 13th June 2004, 60th AnniversaryPoem to The Liverpool Scottish, The Patriots
Roll of Honour; Cameron Privates 1939 to 1945. C to D.A Thank-you from FranceVideos Page
Roll of Honour; Cameron Privates 1939 to 1945, E to G.51st HD Schijndel, 60th Anniversary 2004Sign my Guest Book.
Roll of Honour; Cameron Privates 1939 to 1945. H to L.51st HD "SS Kamp Vught" 60th Anniversary 2004Links to other sites of Interest
Roll of Honour; Cameron Privates 1939 to 1945.  M51st HD Vught, 60th Anniversary 2004"Don't leave me Sarge" 
Roll of Honour; Cameron Privates 1939 to 1945. N to R51st HD Nord-Brabant 60th Anniversary 2004
Roll of Honour; Cameron privates 1939 to 1945, S to TGeorge Sands' Last journey to Holland, May 2005
Roll of Honour; Cameron Privates 1939 to 1945. U to Z5th Camerons memorial service Highland Division Monument Schijndel, Holland, October 2009
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