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Poppy of RemembranceGraves of  Fallen Camerons
Douvres La Delivrande war cemetery, France.
Poppy of Remembrance
Entrance to Douvres La Delivrande war cemetery France
Douvres La Delivrande War cemetery general viewDouvres La Delivrande war cemetery general view
Headstone of 2934260 Sgt. N. McDougall MM. Queens Own Cameron Highlanders
2934260 Sergeant N. McDougall M.M. 5th Camerons
K.I.A.  25th June 1944. Aged 28. 2nd battle of St Honorine, Normandy France
Headstone of 11419264 Private J.L.Barber. Queens Own Cameron Highlanders
11419264 Private J.L. Barber. 5th Camerons
K.I.A.  21st August 1944. Aged  28. River Vie, Normandy France
Headstone of 329958 Private W.Bruce. Queens Own Cameron Highlanders
329958 Private W. Bruce. 5th Camerons.
K.I.A. 21st July 1944. Aged 34. The "Triangle" Troarn, Normandy France
Headstone of 13050661 E. Hartley. Queens Own Cameron Highlanders
13050661 Private E. Hartley. 5th Camerons.
K.I.A. 21st July 1944, Aged 24.
The "Triangle" Troarn, Normandy France
Hedstone of 14281980 T.M. Johnstone. Queens Own Cameron Highlanders
14281980 Private T. McEwan Johnstone. 5th Camerons
K.I.A. 23rd June 1944. Aged 20. 2nd battle St Honorine, Normandy France
General view of Douvres La Delivrande war Cemetery France.
Some of the Many graves in Douvres La Delivrande war Cemetery.

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