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poppy of rememberanceKohima Cemetery
Queens Own Cameron Highlanders memorial
poppy of rememberance
View of Kohima cemetery
Kohima Cemetery
In March 1944, as the Japanese advanced through Burma and India came under threat, the 2nd Division was ordered to move to Assam, to halt the Japanese advance at Kohima. On arrival in Assam, 1st battalion The Queens Own Cameron Highlanders started patrolling towards Kohima. On 14th April 1944, by a successful attack on the Japanese position at Zubza, the road was opened for the relief of Kohima. In the critical operations to halt the Japanese advance, the 1st Camerons successfully penetrated the Japanese lines and, having achieved surprise, captured the Naga village on point 5120, a hill of particular tactical importance. The battalion then took Aradura Spur, a bastion of the Japanese defences. With Kohima recaptured, the 1st Camerons advanced south, attacking the Japanese at Viswema, until by 22nd June 1944, the road from Kohima to Imphal was reopened.
The battle for Kohima cost 1st battalion The Queens Own Cameron Highlanders, 283 casualties.

2nd British Division memorial, Kohima
Memorial to the British 2nd Division, Kohima.
British 2nd Division Memorial at Kohima
The cross on the Tennis court at Kohima.

When the Queens Own Cameron Highlanders unveiled their memorial at Kohima, there were present at the ceremony not only the officers and men of the battalion, but many Naga tribesmen, whose homes were near the Knoll where the memorial stands, the scene of much bitter and bloody fighting. The service was brief and simple, and just before the bagpipes began with the strains of the Camerons lament, 'Lochaber no more' the adjutant read out the long roll of officers, NCO's and men of the battalion who had been killed in the Kohima fighting. Wreaths were placed on the memorial by the Commanding Officer, the 2nd in command, and by representatives of each company of the battalion. There was also a wreath from the Queens Own Cameron Highlanders of Canada.
As the ceremony drew to its close the Naga headman stepped forward from his place beside the Commanding officer and the District commissioner. He stood for a moment before the memorial, a dignified figure with head bowed. Then, in his own language and on behalf of his people, he promised that they would look after the memorial always, in order to do honour to the men who had been killed on these hills. It wasa moving gesture from thee Highlanders of Asia.
The Camerons designed and built the Memorial, Standing on the highest point of the Knoll. 

Queens Own Cameron Highlanders memorial Kohima
Cameron memorial, Naga village Kohima
Tablet on Cameron memorial Kohima listing all Cameron killed
Tablet on the Cameron memorial, Kohima
The new plaque on the Cameron memorial, re dedicated 2011
The plaque of the Cameron Memorial with the promise of the Naga elder.
Cameron memorial, Kohima 1944
Cameron memorial  circa December 1944.

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