The Queens Own Cameron Highlanders
"Keep 'em Moving"

60th Anniversary

Normandy Campaign

12th June 2004

Children of St Honorine lead the Parade

George Sands on parade, St Honorine.

Dignitaries, Guests and people of St Honorine

Parade arrives at St Honorine Church

The whole congregation stood and applauded the veterans to their seats in the church.

The entire village attended the ceremonies for the dedication of the memorial and presentation of medals to the veterans

2934077 Sgt. George Sands receives his medal 60 years after the M.M. from 

Madame Le Maire, Francoise Pateux. 

2934077 Sgt. George Sands MM, ex 5th battalion, Queens Own Cameron Highlanders, proudly wears his medal.

All the children kissed and thanked each of the veterans

'Merci Liberte'

3 Veterans of the 51st Highland Division
left to right:  George Kavanagh, Artillery 153 Brigade. George Sands, 5th Camerons. Edward Bolster Royal Engineers 152 Brigade

George Sands signing autographs, just 2 pictures of many.

George Sands receives yet another kiss. Once again from the lady Mayor, Francois Pateux.

Our thanks go to the good people of St. Honorine, for their sincerity, genuine friendship and hospitality. And to the many unknown people of France who just wanted to shake hands, have a photo taken, get an autograph or to say a simple Merci to my father and other veterans. It is nice to have Friends.

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