5th Battalion
The Queens Own Cameron Highlanders

"Keep 'em Moving"
5th Camerons
Photos from Arthur Rowledge
ex 5th Camerons

5th Camerons Germany 1945
"A" company, 5th Camerons, Germany 1945
  (Arthur Rowledge 3rd from right back row)   
'A' Company 5th Camerons Germany 1945

5th Camerons, Germany 1945

by kind permission of Arthur Rowledge ex 5th Cameron 'A' Company wounded during battle at Zig canal, Holland
Artur Rowledge by Zig canal 2004

Arthur Rowledge at the point where he crossed the Zig canal

( This would be Arthurs first and last action as a Cameron Highlander, Arthur was blown back from whence he came by a German shell or mortar and wounded in the arm. He returned to the Camerons a week before wars end ).

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