5th Battalion
The Queens Own Cameron Highlanders
"Keep 'em Moving"

5th Camerons 

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2695511 Jack Galbraith

5th Camerons preparing Christmas dinner. El Aghelia North Africa December 1942

5th Camerons, Preparing Christmas dinner, Christmas day 1942, El Agheila, North Africa.

5th Camerons Catania, Sicily 1943

5th Camerons, Catania, Sicily 1943

Jack Galbraith, 5th Cameron, Cuxaven 1945

Jack Galbraith, Cuxaven, Germany 1945

5th Camerons Holland 1994, 50th anniversary of liberation.

                       above left:   Bill Munro,         right; 5th Camerons in Holland 1994, 50th anniversary of Liberation of Holland

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