5th Battalion
The Queens Own Cameron Highlanders

"Keep 'em Moving"
5th Camerons
Photo's from John Raine
son of
MT. Cpl. John Henry Raine

MT Corporal J.H.Raine 5th Camerons

14359903 John H Raine
served with 5th  battalion Queens Own Cameron Highlanders from training at Fort George to landing in Normandy and the battles through to Hamburg, Germany. His Mother being Dutch, John Raine contacted an Uncle in Eindhoven, during the liberation of Holland, trading cigarettes for food and giving the food to his needy Dutch relatives. John Raine died in 1985.

14359903. MT. Cpl. John Henry Raine. 5th Camerons.

5th Camerons, location unknown. Cpl J.H. Raine (2nd from left) with back to camera.
carved replica knife and Iron cross given to John Raine by German Prisoner.
The above replica knife was carved by a German prisoner, being escorted by John Raine, from Belgium to Germany, 1946. It was an appreciation of John Raines decent treatment of the prisoner.
German passGerman Pass with the signature of Heinrich Himmler
German passes, one of which bears the signature of Heinrich Himmler.
I have kept my promise to John Raine junior. ( Richard Sands)
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