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2931396 Reg Leadbeater MM

Reg Leadbeaters citation for the Military Medal
"On the night of the 22/23rd October 1944, the Battalion took a leading role in the breakthrough of the enemy's defences in South Holland. 'B' Company was one of the leading company's and Corporal Leadbeater's Platoon was the left hand forward platoon. They ran into very heavy Machine Gun and Mortar fire and when nearing the enemy Forward Defence Lines the Platoon Commander was wounded along with several men. Corporal Leadbeater re-organised his section quickly and led them forward through the fire until the enemy position was over-run. Later that night on searching a house area, more casualties were suffered by hand-grenades. Corporal Leadbeater volunteered to go forward with a 77 grenade and set the house on fire. He crept forward himself towards the house and set it ablaze. He again repeated this dangerous mission on a second house held by the enemy about half an hour later. Throughout the entire action he showed great powers of leadership and the very highest standard of personal bravery and initiative".
Reg Leadbeater MM, 5th Cameron Highlanders, Holland 1944
2931396 Reg Leadbeater  MM.  Holland, November 1944.

Reg Leadbeater MM. Vught, Holland October 2009Reg Leadbeater MM. Vught, Holland, October 2009

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