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Some useful and interesting websites listed below:

Web addressBrief Description
http://www.warlinks.comWorld War 2 a British Focus, facts, personal stories, pictures etc. & information  about the Queens Own Highlanders (Seaforths & Camerons regimental Association), stories, etc. about  The Liverpool Scottish Help Save Bawdsey THE BIRTH-PLACE of Radar. or answer questions related to any Scottish Military history (very helpful & knowledgable people visit here) Re-enactors site ---- historical facts & information facts & information + Roll of Honour
http://battlefieldsww2.50megs.comBattlefields of ww2 (& WW1) Pictures, stories statistics & Histories of various regiments and actions.
http://www.liberationchildren.orgChidren of Liberators, photos and stories of Liberation in Europe. People searching for answers etc. Pictures.
http://www.comradesandcolleagues.comSearch for information, Contact ex servicemen, veterans etc.
http://www.normandie44lamemoire.comExcellent French site dealing with liberation of France. Battlefields, cemeteries Maps stories & facts. 
http://www.wingsofliberation.nlMuseum (nr. Vught / Schijndel, Holland) website,  dealing with Liberation of Holland etc. Day by day information and facts of ww2 that gives a single entry point to sites pertaining to all aspects of WW2. dedicated to The Highlanders, their History & traditions. regarding British & Commonwealth war cemeteries, (site still under construction) forum site, some very knowledgable people here. Mainly United Kingdom and commonwealth orientated
http:// Forum site,  knowledgable people here, mainly American forces orientated Highland Division website. History, Memorials, Battlefield tours, online Museum etc. Maps, documents etc.
 A small private Museum with respect to the fighting on what was known as "The Island", Holland

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