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5th Camerons
Dutch flag
Schijndel & Vught
Holland 1944

Area around Schijndel and Vught Holland October 1944German Dead
On the night of 23rd/24th October 1944, Alamein day, 5th Camerons took part in the attack on the small town of Schijndel. It was here that Major Nigel Parker, "D" company commander was killed. The attack resulted in the south end of Schijndel being liberated, with 5th Camerons finally settling down in pine woods just west of Schijndel. As a result of casualties in 24 hours fighting, "D" company was disbanded to re-inforce the other companies, with Major Eric Mainwaring returning to command "A" company.
Total casualties for 23rd/24th October, 8 Officers and 63 other ranks.

Bomb damage, SchijndelBomb damage, Schijndel
Photographs of a liberated but damaged Schijndel. October 1944
(photo's owned by Marietje van Liempd)
When 5th Camerons advanced on Vught, 27th October 1944, a house, possibly part of the Beuchenhorst estate, was liberated by a platoon under 2934077 Sgt. George Sands MM. The lady was understood to be the wife of a burgomeester(possibly a friend of the Burgomeesters family, with links to Scotland) When liberated and her German guests taken prisoner, she hugged and kissed her liberators and was reluctant for them to leave. She presented Sgt Sands with a simple wooden plaque of "Vught Gemeente Huis". It was in a place of honour in his home until his death in June 2005. It has now returned to Vught, in the care of Peter and Jeanne van der Krabben.

Camerons boarding tanks for advance on Vught
"C" company boarding tanks for the advance on Vught.
 Holland, 26th October 1944
Wooden Plaque of Vught Gemeente huis
The simple wooden Plaque of "VUGHT GEMEENTE HUIS"
in the care of Peter & Jeanne van der Krabben.

5th Camerons entered "SS Kamp Vught", in Vught, the first concentration camp the allies had come upon. Terrible cruelties were perpetrated there. It was to give its liberators a in-sight into some of the more ghastly horrors to be revealed at subsequent concentration camps, later in the war.

Torture chamber, SS Kamp Vught
Torture chamber, "SS. Kamp Vught". It consisted of Hot air being pumped into a small room. The pipes shown above the wooden bed.
Gallows at SS Kamp Vught
My Father & other veterans were adamant that there were 2 corpses on the gallows when they entered camp Vught, in October 1944. This is disputed, as the camp was reportedly abandoned by the SS in September 1944.
One of the ovens at SS Kamp Vught
One of the "Ovens" in the crematorium,
"SS. Kamp Vught"

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