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Germany 1945
5th Camerons
Into Germany, back to Holland

Im Lohr, Mittelburg, Dinxperlo.

The 51st Highland Division had the (possibly dubious) honour of being the first British troops to carry out the assault across the Rhine to Rees, on the night of 23rd March, 1945. 5th Camerons would be follow up troops, approximately 4 hours later. Because of the shelling from the defenders, within a half hour only 12 of the original 30 storm boats were serviceable. This increased the crossing time of the Camerons threefold. The Defenders would consist of mainly the respected Parachutists, supported by Panzers.
The attack in the Mittelburg area was supposed to take place at first light but, due to the delay in crossing the Rhine, it developed into a full daylight attack. The Objectives were a Large Brickworks at Im Lohr. As 5th Camerons advanced, the defending Germans would make use of the tunnels they had created in the Kilns, popping up behind the Camerons, in an area the Camerons thought they had cleared. Visiting the area with veteran Richard Massey, on May 5th, 2006, we found the brickworks. Richard Massey explained how he heard German voices in the actual kilns and crept up and managed to close and lock the door. He then realised he needed help to get them out again, " I was just 19 years old and scared to death". There were 17 German parachutists in there, not all of whom would surrender.
Brick kiln, ImLohr          

The Brick kilns at Im Lohr, in the Mittelburg
Richard Massey at the Brick factory, Im Lohr

Richard Massey
, ex Anti - tank 5th Camerons, at the Brickworks, May 2006

Brick works Im LohrBrick kiln Im LohrBrick works chimney. Im Lohr
The Kilns and the two remaining chimneys at the Brickworks.
Door to brick kiln. Im LohrDoor to brick kiln Im Lohr
The doorway and type of Door that Richard Massey managed to close on the German paratroops occupying it.
(watch the video of Richard Massey's return to the Brickworks here)
On the night of 27th March 1945, 5th Camerons moved out of the Mittelburg area, for the attack on Isselburg. By 02.00 hours the North end of Isselberg and the bridge leading out of it, was taken. 5th Camerons suffered heavy shelling during 28th March, but that night they attacked northwards, resulting with 5th Camerons being firmly established on the line of the canal facing Dinxperlo. Dinxperlo was back in Holland. At 21.00 hours, 29th March 1945, 154th Brigade of 51st Highland Division attacked Dinxperlo. 5th Camerons had taken 145 prisoners at Isselburg.

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