Highland Division InsigniaThe Queens Own Cameron Highlanders
"Keep 'em Moving"
Bremerhaven & Cuxaven
Germany 1945

Towards the end of March, the Rhine crossings took place, followed by a fairly rapid, though none-the-less bloody at times, advance across Germany. 5th Camerons suffering fairly heavy casualties in the fighting around the Mittleburg area.

On 12th May 1945 a Victory parade was held and the 51st Highland Division marched past Lieutenant-General Sir Brian Horrocks, commander of 30th Corps at Bremerhaven. 5th Camerons supplied the only fully kilted contingent on parade.

Camerons on Victory parade marchpast, Bremerhaven
Lt-Col. D. B. Lang DSO. MC. Leads 5th Camerons on the Victory parade past Lt-Gen Sir Brian Horrocks, 12th May, at Bremerhaven.
51st Highland Division march past at Victory parade, Bremerhaven 194551st highland Division at Victory parade, Bremerhaven 1945

Victory parade Bremerhaven, 12th May, 1945.

Officers and NCOs 5th Camerons, Cuxaven 1945

5th Camerons, Cuxaven, 24th May 1945

5th Camerons. Cuxaven

5th Camerons, Cuxaven 1945. Possibly 'D' company

Non fraternisation instruction booklet
An order which was sometimes ignored.
5th Cameron officer exercising a thoroughbred horse, Germany 1945
5th Camerons officer exercising the spoils of war, Germany 1945

5th Camerons pipes and drums beat retreat, Cuxaven 1945
5th Camerons Beat Retreat, Cuxaven 1945
5th Camerons pipes and drums Beat Rtreat, Cuxaven 1945
5th Camerons pipes and drums 'Beat Retreat' Cuxaven 1945.
5th Camerons on parade,  Germany 1945

5th Camerons on parade, Cuxaven 1945

(4 photo's by kind permission of Derek Suggate ex 5th Camerons)

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