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NameTheatre of OperationsDateNameTheatre of OperationsDate
2934190 Corporal  W. H. Adam Western Europe13.6.443309674 Corporal  D. Macintyre  Western Europe13.6.44
2928462 Corporal  L. G. AstellBurma6.5.442933784 Corporal  I. R. Mackenzie  Italy3.2.44
2926313 Corporal  J. Bain Burma7.5.442927549 Corporal  J. Mackintosh  Middle East10.12.40
4393389 Corporal  B. BeardBurma10.6.442926074 Corporal  J. W. J. Macpherson  France and Belgium27.5.40
2934012 Corporal  K. Beevers  U.K.10.3.413308990 Corporal  T. Martin Burma7.5.44
2937634 Corporal  F. Brown   Burma12.3.454393444 Corporal  L. Massey  Western Europe23.10.44
4343321 Corporal  W. R. Brown  Western Europe23.3.45402090  Corporal  J. A. P. Matthew France and Belgium22.5.40
6976511 Corporal  W. J. Bryans  Eritrea15.3.412928622 Corporal  G. M. Matthews, M.M.  Middle East15.6.41
2978431 Corporal  D. Burns  France and Belgium10.6.402991168 Corporal  J. M. M'Arthur  Middle East2.11.42
2939106 Corporal  J. Burns  Burma4.5.442933373 Corporal  J. A. M'Ausland  Italy28.2.44
2931329 Corporal  H. Campbell  Middle East29.10.422927352 Corporal  J. M. M'Cullum  France and Belgium5.1.41
2933790 Corporal  J. Chalmers  North Africa23.3.432928585 Corporal  G. P. M'Cann  Western Europe22.7.44
5387764 Corporal  E. A. Clarke  Western Europe19.4.452934256 Corporal  T. M. M'Cleary  Middle East2.11.42
3131199 Corporal  A. A. Crawley  Western Europe23.6.442930458 Corporal  A. W. M'Donald  Middle East24.10.42
2927533 Corporal  J. Crombie  Eritrea14.2.412928834 Corporal  W. G. M'Gregor  Eritrea1.2.41
2928577 Corporal  R. Davidson  Middle East4.12.412934163 Corporal  J. M'Guire  Middle East9.6.41
2933008 Corporal  C. Dickens  North Africa23.3.432928972 Corporal  R. M'Kay  Middle East9.6.41
2937766 Corporal  A. Dickson  Burma4.5.442932698 Corporal  J. M'Keown  India5.11.44
2934007 Corporal  N. Docherty  Western Europe17.11.4414214608 Corporal   A. M'Leod Western Europe14.11.44
2929766 Corporal  W. Duff  Middle East2.11.423188646 Corporal   T. M'NairneySicily14.7.43
2937920 Corporal  W. J. Edgar  Middle East1.2.422928625 Corporal  J. M'Turk  Burma10.6.44
2928123 Corporal  T. E. Flowitt  France and Belgium10.6.402932870 Corporal  D. G. F. Mercer  Burma4.5.44
2928705 Corporal  W. C. Forsyth France and Belgium27.5.402929965 Corporal  G. Milnes  Sicily1.8.43
3769247 Corporal  T. Francis  France and Belgium5.1.412927732 Corporal  R. Morrison  Italy10.3.44
400382  Corporal   J. Garden  France and Belgium4.6.402931633 Corporal  T. J. Morrison  North Africa23.3.43
2934232 Corporal  J. Gillies  North Africa23.3.4311007927 Corporal  G. Nash  Western Europe23.4.45
2928138 Corporal  D. C. Gourlay  France and Belgium21.5.402933923 Corporal  J. Obritis  North Africa23.3.43
2928498 Corporal  J. Grant  Middle East4.12.412929190 Corporal  A. M. Paterson  France and Belgium23.6.40
3194249 Corporal  J. Grant  Western Europe18.8.442931301 Corporal  K. E. Payne  Western Europe8.7.44
2928219 Corporal  S. Green  France and Belgium12.3.412931125 Corporal  V. Phizackerley  North Africa6.4.43
2934241 Corporal  J. Harper  Western Europe18.8.445509625 Corporal  J. Perry  Western Europe4.3.45
2933470 Corporal  J. Hayes  Western Europe16.6.442934875 Corporal  F. Pierce  Western Europe18.7.44
2933867 Corporal  R. S. J. Henderson  Western Europe11.4.452926640 Corporal  J. Quinn  Middle East3.12.43
2939700 Corporal  W. R. Hoggan  Western Europe23.10.442939016 Corporal  H. Race  Middle East24.10.42
3319985 Corporal   F. HolmesBurma25.2.452927191 Corporal  G. Ramsay  France and Belgium11.6.40
2932102 Corporal  J. R. Innis  U.K.2.1.422928969 Corporal  J. A. Reece  Middle East16.6.41
2933297 Corporal  J. Jack Italy25.7.44402141  Corporal   J. Reid Western Europe 23.6.44
2931826 Corporal  R. Johnston  Burma4.6.422928955 Corporal  T. D. Rennie Eritrea15.3.41
2932856 Corporal  S. Johnston  Burma25.2.452935735 Corporal  G. W. Shaw  Italy16.3.44
801736  Corporal  W. Kay  France and Belgium11.6.402927645 Corporal  R. Shearer  North Africa23.3.43
3608551 Corporal  J. H. Keeley Italy4.9.442927656 Corporal  W. Sinclair  France and Belgium6.6.40
2935211 Corporal  J. S. Kerr Western Europe13.6.442929690 Corporal  H. S. Souter  North Africa23.3.43
2930913 Corporal  T. S. Kerr  Middle East24.10.422939924 Corporal  H. M. Stoddart  Western Europe 21.7.44
2926987 Corporal  S. Kissick  France and Belgium27.5.402928548 Corporal  C. Taylor  Middle East31.1.42
3320495 Corporal  C. H. Lancaster  Burma4.5.442932183 Corporal  J. Thomson  Burma25.2.45
2927529 Corporal  F. E. Latimer  Eritrea17.3.412928984 Corporal  F. Vickery  Italy5.8.44
2928957 Corporal  J. Macaskill  Middle East4.12.412933146 Corporal  J. Walker  Aruba29.9.40
2926522 Corporal  A. Macdonald  France and Belgium2.6.402924992 Corporal  G. D. Watson France and Belgium2.6.43
2925036 Corporal  J. Macdonald  Burma30.4.442935416 Corporal  J. WheelerWestern Europe14.11.44
2929153 Corporal  R. Macfarlane  Burma10.6.442931431 Corporal  D. E. Wills  Middle East5.12.42
2935082 Corporal  J. M. Macgregor  Burma18.5.44

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