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Warrant Officers

NameTheatre of OperationsDateNameTheatre of OperationsDate
2926049 RSM. J. Campbell
2938062 Sergeant  G. M'Crone
Middle East22.6.42
2921992 RSM. D. D. Cassels
2934260 Sergeant  N. M'Dougall, M.M.Western Europe25.6.44
2930992 RSM.  A. Moss
At Sea
29.3.422928673 Sergeant  A. F. M'IntoshMiddle East4.12.41
2928343 CSM.  A. Campbell, M.M.
2930917 Sergeant  W. J. M'LaganWestern Europe18.7.44
2927262  CSM.  T. Cook, D.C.M.
2932275 Sergeant  J. P. M'NaughtonBurma18.5.44
2691266 CSM.  J. B. Maclean
France and Belgium
27.5.402925264 Sergeant  G. M'QueenMiddle East18.1.43
2924275 CSM.  W. Macpherson
Middle East
2927248 Sergeant  R. L. M'SkimmingU.K.30.12.40
2930292 CSM.  I. Macrae
North Africa
2928927 Sergeant  R. J. MiddlemassMiddle East18.6.41
2925883 CSM.  J. MarshallBurma8.6.452930822 Sergeant  J. W. MillerWestern Europe24.3.45
2824467 CSM.  J. A. M'Lean, D.C.M.Western Europe26.6.442926844 Sergeant  R. A. MillerFrance and Belgium26.5.40
2932222 CSM.  J. Milne, M.M.Sicily22.7.432934321 Sergeant  D. MillsNorth Africa6.4.43
2923773 CSM.  D. Watson, D.C.M., M.M.At Sea17.6.402934175 Sergeant  D. MunroWestern Europe25.3.45
2921865 PSM.  A. B. CockburnFrance and Belgium27.5.402929024 Sergeant  H. MunroFrance and Belgium4.6.40
2921882 PSM.  W. NobleFrance and Belgium4.6.402927163 Sergeant  T. B. T. MunroBurma5.5.44
2928747 PSM.  A. M. PatonMiddle East9.12.402928554 Sergeant  J. V. MurphyItaly10.3.44
396061  PSM.  W. RutherfordFrance and Belgium27.5.402926214 Sergeant  R. S. MurrayWestern Europe29.3.45
2926632 Colour-Sergeant. W. LawsonMiddle East3.1.45823281   Sergeant  S. ParryBurma29.1.45
3766262 Colour-Sergeant. E. MeacockU.K.21.3.412930809 Sergeant  S. Pinnington U.K. 26.6.41
2929058 Colour-Sergeant.  A. ReidMiddle East16.1.432926053 Sergeant  W. R. RaeWestern Europe24.7.44
2928586 Colour-Sergeant.  C. D. WattMiddle East26.2.422928360 Sergeant  J. RamageEritrea15.3.41
2927011 Sergeant  H. AgnewBermuda26.1.424342773 Sergeant  G. S. RisbroughWestern Europe18.7.44
2932965 Sergeant  N. C. AllardiceSicily1.8.433320036 Sergeant  H. StaplesIndia28.10.44
3132807 Sergeant  W. AndersonWestern Europe14.8.442929422 Sergeant  J. D. StewartFrance and Belgium4.6.40
2925929 Sergeant  M. AuldBurma5.5.442695559 Sergeant  J. TannahillWestern Europe4.11.44
4917567 Sergeant  T. BanksWestern Europe16.12.444036037 Sergeant  C. ThompsonWestern Europe18.8.44
2928900 Sergeant  D. BirrellBurma4.6.44774709  Sergeant  J. A. S. ThomsonWestern Europe12.8.44
3063616 Sergeant  A. BlackwoodNorth Africa23.3.432924009 Sergeant  J. F. ThomsonMiddle East24.10.42
2933136 Sergeant  T. M. BrennanNorth Africa1.4.432929101 Sergeant  A. TullochNorth Africa23.3.43
3769644 Sergeant  R. A. Brown, D.C.M.Eritrea15.3.412926531 Sergeant  R. W. WhiteNorth Africa23.3.43
2926655 Sergeant  P. CameronMiddle East2.11.423606346 Sergeant  R. WhyteWestern Europe23.4.45
2929812 Sergeant  J. A. ChisholmMiddle East9.6.416085958 Lance-Sergeant  A. W. CarmanWestern Europe24.3.45
2930090 Sergeant  W. A. DaviesMiddle East5.12.414541048 Lance-Sergeant  W. H. CavanaghBurma30.4.44
2931685 Sergeant  J. A. DonNorth Africa23.3.433131652 Lance-Sergeant  H. ClearieWestern Europe9.2.45
2929086 Sergeant  J. L. EatonWestern Europe18.8.442937501 Lance-Sergeant  R. D. HannayBurma14.4.44
2927301 Sergeant  P. C. FisherMiddle East24.8.422933677 Lance-Sergeant  H. L. HarperWestern Europe9.10.44
2929691 Sergeant  W. GodsmanSicily17.7.433320076 Lance-Sergeant  D. B. HayesBurma13.4.44
2820059 Sergeant  A. GrantMiddle East8.9.432929706 Lance-Sergeant  W. P. HowardSicily1.8.43
2927782 Sergeant  D. F. GrantU.K.28.10.422934372 Lance-Sergeant  J. IngramSicily3.9.43
2933819 Sergeant  J. F. HallMiddle East30.10.422932940 Lance-Sergeant  R. LeggatNorth Africa23.3.43
2929743 Sergeant  J. HammondEurope6.8.452928477 Lance-Sergeant  G. F. LloydMiddle East9.12.40
2928294 Sergeant  S. HorburyEritrea31.1.412931514 Lance-Sergeant  D. MacDonaldNorth Africa1.5.43
2928254 Sergeant  H. KaneEritrea3.3.412939711 Lance-Sergeant  J. W. MannWestern Europe23.10.44
2934639 Sergeant  T. KellyWestern Europe23.4.452928418 Lance-Sergeant  J. D. M'GuireWestern Europe19.4.45
2929442 Sergeant  W. KennedyWestern Europe13.6.442927081 Lance-Sergeant  J. M'KigganFrance and Belgium4.6.40
2931152 Sergeant  J. LawlessU.K.30.4.43837005 Lance-Sergeant  T. M'MahonEritrea15.3.41
2749122 Sergeant  G. D. LintonMiddle East14.12.422928493 Lance-Sergeant  F. J. NicollMiddle East4.12.41
2929130 Sergeant  D. MacarthurIndia21.6.452929127 Lance-Sergeant  R. J. ParryNorth Africa6.4.43
2930743 Sergeant  I. M. MacdonaldNorth Africa23.3.433778549 Lance-Sergeant  E. S. StrachanMiddle East24.10.42
2932639 Sergeant  G. MacfarlaneMiddle East24.10.422939301 Lance-Sergeant  R. ThomsonWestern Europe14.8.44
3185630 Sergeant  J. MalcolmFrance and Belgium4.6.402928499 Lance-Sergeant  E. E. TigheMiddle East13.3.42
2928677 Sergeant  R. MallinderMiddle East4.12.414392875 Lance-Sergeant  J. WeatherheadBurma25.2.45
4393396 Sergeant  D. J. M'AsseyBurma10.6.443319986 Lance-Sergeant  J. A. WoodallBurma30.4.44

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