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NameTheatre of OperationsDateNameTheatre of OperationsDate
1646811 Private W. AdamsBurma3.3.452938420 Private  J.B. BellMiddle East2.11.42
4541259 Private  C.W. AllcockBurma4.4.456985757 Private  J.S. BellItaly7.5.44
2930983 Private  J.A. AlexanderNorth Africa6.4.433318835 Private  W. BellItaly7.3.44
2928154 Private  D. AllanFrance & Belgium3.7.414864348 Private  H.H. BemroseWestern Europe30.12.44
2932323 Private  I. AllanFrance & Belgium3.6.402930570 Private  G.M.C. BennettNorth Africa6.4.43
3318427 Private  J.W. AllanMiddle East16.6.412933531 Private  S.E. BennettBurma5.5.44
2935649 Private  J.C. AllisonMiddle East24.10.4213020551 Private  S. BergliterU.K.29.7.43
14578044 Private  A.G. AlltreeBurma25.2.453064411 Private  R. BerrySicily26.7.43
2930340 Private  D. AndersonWestern Europe17.11.442932348 Private  D. BlairFrance & Belgium21.5.40
2932048 Private  J. AndersonFrance & Belgium25.5.402935434 Private  D. BlairItaly7.3.44
3325672 Private  J. AndersonWestern Europe23.10.442932408 Private  D. BlackItaly18.5.44
2940187 Private  T. AndersonItaly9.5.452932049 Private  E.T. BlountItaly17.9.44
2985122 Private  W. AndersonItaly14.9.442929838 Private  K.W. BlundellItaly16.3.44
14490362 Private  F.A. AshmoreU.K.9.5.4514650917 Private  R.F. BonnerItaly5.8.44
2934737 Private  W. AshworthWestern Europe4.7.443132831 Private  P. BoothNorth Africa6.4.43
1618840 Private  E.D. AstonWestern Europe10.8.44744507  Private  J. BorthwickFrance & Belgium27.5.40
2938115 Private  E.L. AtkinsBurma4.4.4514201323 Private  J.R. BouchNorth Africa6.4.43
2932244 Private  R. AtkinsonFrance & Belgium9.6.403652341 Private  J. BowesWestern Europe24.3.45
2888492 Private  W.J. Auchter-lonieItaly28.5.441527836 Private  A.D. BreenWestern Europe20.8.44
2932437 Private  T. BabbingtonFrance & Belgium26.4.412927405 Private  P. BreenFrance & Belgium22.5.40
5733692 Private  A.W.J. BaileyWestern Europe24.4.452940024 Private  J. BrennanSicily1.8.43
6290905 Private  C.H. BaileyItaly23.2.442935444 Private  W. BreslerMiddle East21.6.42
3768743 Private  T.F. BaileyNorth Africa23.3.434462691 Private  W.H.C. BriggsBurma29.4.44
2927412 Private  A. BainFrance & Belgium5.6.402931642 Private  J. BromileyFrance & Belgium10.6.40
2939193 Private  A. BainMiddle East24.10.422985156 Private  A. BrownItaly11.6.44
2928685 Private  R. BainItaly5.11.4214698564 Private  A.J. BrownWestern Europe23.10.44
2940163 Private  T.W. BainbridgeItaly4.8.442927125 Private  J. BrownFrance & Belgium27.5.40
2935606 Private  L. BaistowMiddle East27.7.4214214530 Private J. BrownItaly15.3.44
19800    Private  J. BakerU.K.26.9.392932052 Private  L.M'cL,. BrownFrance & Belgium28.6.43
5121138 Private J. BakerNorth Africa23.3.432930727 Private  P. BrownU.K.2.5.41
6103145 Private  R.J. BakerWestern Europe24.3.456351182 Private  W.J. BrownWestern Europe18.8.44
11419264 Private  J.L. BarberWestern Europe21.8.441566272 Private  W.J. BrownWestern Europe23.10.44
2938419 Private  R. BarclayBurma5.5.4414498340 Private  W.P. BrownWestern Europe9.2.45
5342991 Private  H.J. BarkerWestern Europe19.4.451793030 Private  W.H. BrownleeWestern Europe30.4.45
3975371 Private  W. BarkerBalkans & Greece16.1.453191704 Private  W.R. BrownleeNorth Africa6.4.43
2937761 Private  J. BarrieMiddle East15.6.412931925 Private  J. BruceFrance & Belgium9.7.40
2940189 Private  W. BarronItaly1.10.442939441 Private  J. BruceItaly19.3.44
2828004 Private  F.F. BartonBurma25.2.45329958 Private  W. BruceWestern Europe9.7.44
2934536 Private  J. BasfordBurma6.6.442933989 Private  M. BryantItaly7.3.44
2932683 Private  C.F. BatherNorth Africa23.3.432939102 Private  T. BryceBurma25.2.45
1824907 Private  W. BexindaleU.K.6.7.452935447 Private  C. BuchanMiddle East4.12.41
5350671 Private  G. BayleyWestern Europe20.8.442939667 Private  J. BuchananMiddle East24.10.42
2881208 Private  J.A.C. BaynesItaly14.5.442937341 Private  J. BuchananBurma25.2.45
2934666 Private  R. BeachamBurma11.3.452937638 Private  J. BuickU.K.15.3.41
2932961 Private  J. BeattieItaly19.9.444541051 Private  H.E. BurgessBurma4.5.44
2937863 Private  F. BeattieMiddle East5.12.412930140 Private  G. BurnettEritrea31.1.41
1799899 Private  H.T. BeattieItaly4.8.442938585 Private  J. BurnettMiddle East21.6.42
2931690 Private  A.W. BeggMiddle East14.12.422932686 Private  A.J. BurnsNorth Africa23.3.43
3187918 Private  A. BellMiddle East17.9.3914689024 Private  H.W. BurtWestern Europe20.8.44
2930087 Private  A. BellEritrea15.3.412935451 Private  J.J. ByrneItaly7.10.43

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