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C to D

Soldiers Number & NameTheatre of OperationsDateSoldiers Number & NameTheatre of OperationsDate
2929289 Private  P. CairneyFrance & Belgium6.6.402927168 Private  G. Coyle France & Belgium22.5.40
2937380 Private  J. CaldwellMiddle East3.11.422932309 Private  F. Crabtree France & Belgium4.6.40
2815146 Private  D. CameronFrance & Belgium9.3.402931470 Private  J.O. Crawford Italy18.9.44
2930900 Private  D.A. CameronU.K.30.3.412934211 Private  R.A. Crawford Italy30.12.43
2928722 Private  G. CameronMiddle East21.6.422937884 Private  S. Crawford Italy11.1.43
2937382 Private  S. Cameron Burma4.5.442928977 Private  J. Cronan Burma17.5.44
2927851 Private  A. Campbell France & Belgium4.6.4014584154 Private  T.E. Crook Balkans & Greece6.12.44
2927866 Private  A. Campbell France & Belgium6.6.402932627 Private  R.A. Crowe Middle East11.12.40
2930654 Private  A. Campbell Western Europe18.7.442939813 Private  J.M. Cruickshanks Western Europe13.6.44
2928425 Private  F. Campbell Middle East7.12.412934794 Private  J. Cuffe Italy12.3.44
14741845 Private J. Campbell Western Europe10.1.4514282448 Private  T.H. Cumming Sicily14.7.43
2937383 Private  J. Campbell U.K.14.1.453778556 Private  J.E. Cunningham Middle East13.3.42
2932271 Private  J.L. Campbell France & Belgium17.4.412932056 Private  J. Curry France & Belgium18.10.40
2929944 Private  L. Campbell Middle East24.10.422933671 Private  J. Cusick Middle East14.9.42
2931229 Private  N.J. Campbell Middle East5.12.425501805 Private  V.J. Cutter India21.4.45
2933357 Private  R. Campbell Burma10.6.4414722303 Private  A. Daines Western Europe9.10.44
2932483 Private  T. Campbell U.K.22.7.402933435 Private  M.J. Dake Middle East8.7.42
2928704 Private  W. CampbellMiddle East15.6.412935845 Private  J. Dalrymple Middle East2.11.42
14211957 Private  W.C. Campbell Italy1.10.442933816 Private  T. Dalton North Africa6.4.43
2937642 Private  A. Cardow U.K.26.5.434535824 Private  F.T. Danes Middle East15.6.41
2938959 Private  C. Carey U.K.24.6.443320038 Private  J. Darlow Burma15.4.44
14585601 Private A.W. Carless Western Europe19.4.452936237 Private  D. Darroch Middle East25.10.42
2930902 Private  J.K. Carr Eritrea15.3.4114733714 Private  R.P. Darvill Western Europe11.1.45
2930317 Private  P. Carr France & Belgium8.1.412932888 Private  D.S. Davidson Eritrea5.2.41
3320376 Private  F. Carroll Burma21.2.454928736 Private  L.H. Davies Western Europe13.8.44
2933076 Private  M. Carroll Sicily13.7.432932570 Private  S.G. Davies Middle East2.11.42
2933127 Private  R. Carroll Italy19.12.442927359 Private  J.A. Davies Middle East17.6.41
2933806 Private  C. Carruthers Western Europe16.6.4414421268 Private  L. De-Haan Western Europe1.7.44
3320377 Private  T. Carswell India15.7.424809514 Private  E. Deans North Africa23.3.43
3320125 Private  G. Carter Middle East15.6.412934362 Private  W.M. Dearie Western Europe13.6.44
2933781 Private  J.O. Chaddock Western Europe14.6.443779187 Private  T. Deevey Italy22.2.44
3776276 Private  J. Chadwick Western Europe23.6.442930058 Private  J. Delaney Eritrea15.3.41
4748983 Private  C. Chamberlain Western Europe4.10.442928879 Private  J. Devlin Middle East16.6.41
5990220 Private  K.R. Childs Italy1.10.442924600 Private  J. Devlin Middle East9.12.41
2930110 Private  A.C. Chisholm Middle East5.12.423055177 Private  J. Dick Eritrea13.2.41
2937646 Private  J. Chisholm Burma7.5.443191388 Private  R. Dickson North Africa23.3.43
14796457 Private  J. Clachers Western Europe13.4.4514340000 Private  W. Diggle Western Europe8.6.44
2937647 Private  J. Clark U.K.24.12.4014201496 Private  S.E. Dinenage U.K.21.1.45
2884065 Private  J. Clark Italy11.6.442935664 Private  E. Ditchburn Middle East4.11.42
2928977 Private  S. Clayforth Eritrea15.3.4114852264 Private  J.W. Dixon U.K.29.3.45
2940134 Private  O. Cockburn North Africa15.4.432933307 Private  R. Dolier France & Belgium14.4.45
2933444 Private  G. Cockram Western Europe8.8.442928342 Private  A. Donald Eritrea15.3.41
2926591 Private  G. Coffield France & Belgium27.5.403059886 Private  W. Dooley Sicily2.8.43
14214536 Private K.R. Cole Italy26.3.442930167 Private  J. Doran Middle East9.12.40
14678018 Private  J.H. Coleman Western Europe7.7.442935855 Private  W. Dorman Middle East5.12.41
2928595 Private  E.J. Collard France & Belgium22.5.402937905 Private  J. Dotts Italy11.11.42
14675316 Private  J. Collins Western Europe20.8.442931148 Private  I.W. Douglas U.K.10.11.41
2823226 Private  P.R. Collins Burma5.5.4414633739 Private  W. Douglas Italy19.9.44
14434051 Private  C. Colquhoun Western Europe16.6.442938531 Private  B. Downie U.K.23.10.44
3066866 Private  S. Colquhoun Sicily1.8.432932359 Private  D. Downie France & Belgium9.6.40
2936065 Private  G.H. Connell U.K.30.11.401658901 Private  A.R. Downing Western Europe10.1.45
2926004 Private  E. Connelly France & Belgium4.6.402929730 Private  A. Drummond France & Belgium4.6.40
3320378 Private  A. Connor Burma4.5.442937911 Private  D. Drummond Middle East15.6.41
2933545 Private  J.T. Connor U.K.28.2.403318848 Private  J.G. Drysdale Italy19.3.44
3130938 Private  J. Conroy Western Europe8.8.442939996 Private  R.L. Duckworth Western Europe13.6.44
14709339 Private  R. Cook Western Europe17.2.452932497 Private  D. Duff North Africa23.3.43
2935234 Private  J. Corkell Middle East31.1.422929145 Private  R.J. Dunbar France & Belgium1.6.40
2933412 Private  D. Cormack Western Europe9.2.452939683 Private  J. Duncan Western Europe22.7.44
2928842 Private  G.M. Gowan Middle East5.12.412938337 Private  M. Duncan Middle East5.12.41
2937883 Private  J.C.M Cowan Middle East4.12.412930369 Private  F. Dunlop Italy15.5.44
2940198 Private  W. Cowie Italy11.3.4414607178 Private  J.C. Dunlop Italy13.9.44
3058821 Private  R.M. CowperMiddle East30.10.4214790765 Private  R. DuxburyWestern Europe23.2.45

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