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Number & NameTheatre of OperationsDateNumber & NameTheatre of OperationsDate
2930177 Private  R. UrquhartMiddle East4.12.412930112 Private  J. WhitelawMiddle East9.8.41
2933254 Private  W. WadeItaly22.2.441554924 Private  F. WhiteoakWestern Europe17.2.45
2938108 Private  S. WadsworthWestern Europe13.6.442931682 Private  K.L. WhitfieldU.K.16.10.41
2934324 Private  J. WalesMiddle East2.2.422939620 Private  R. WicksteadWestern Europe14.11.44
3652330 Private  J. WalkerMiddle East3.5.443320000 Private  J.A. WildishIndia9.9.43
4621104 Private  S. WalkerWestern Europe21.6.444343853 Private  R. WilkinsonWestern Europe24.3.45
2929047 Private  D.J. WallaceEritrea15.3.4111062778 Private  E.J. WillcocksItaly6.9.44
2939772 Private  T.B. WallaceMiddle East24.10.422933523 Private  S.A. WilliamsNorth Africa23.3.43
2938033 Private  W. WallaceWestern Europe28.3.453131956 Private  A.B. WilsonMiddle East24.10.42
2940075 Private  F. WalthallNorth Africa28.3.432939777 Private  C. WilsonNorth Africa23.3.43
2935756 Private  D. WardSicily1.8.432938764 Private  E.G. WilsonU.K.12.11.41
4388910 Private  F. WardEritrea6.2.413320410 Private  J. WilsonBurma4.5.44
6976019 Private  J.J. WardMiddle East24.10.423318443 Private  J.D. WilsonWestern Europe13.6.44
2937695 Private  T. WardSicily26.7.432934132 Private  P. WilsonSicily1.8.43
2938391 Private  S.W. WarrenBurma22.6.442928404 Private  P. WilsonItaly5.9.44
2927576 Private  D. WarwickFrance & Belgium21.5.402935599 Private  P. WilsonWestern Europe14.2.45
2932814 Private  A.D. WatsonIndia7.11.443242528 Private  R. WilsonAruba3.10.40
2090213 Private  J. WatsonFrance & Belgium11.6.402931075 Private  R. WilsonMiddle East25.10.42
2938037 Private  W. WatsonMiddle East15.6.414393337 Private  T.J. WilsonBurma5.5.44
2932039 Private  C.W. WattFrance & Belgium4.6.402932577 Private  A. WinslowBurma4.1.45
3051983 Private  D. WattFrance & Belgium27.5.403053914 Private  J. WintersMiddle East15.6.41
14642265 Private  J. WattsWestern Europe24.3.4514710691 Private  K. WomersleyWestern Europe9.2.45
2986318 Private  J.C. WaughItaly14.5.4414434506 Private  L. WoodhouseWestern Europe29.3.45
14331116 Private  R. WebbItaly16.9.442933651 Private  R. WoodsNorth Africa6.4.43
14530434 Private  W. WebbBurma30.4.4414253904 Private  F.S. WoolstonItaly1.10.44
13026630 Private  A. WebsterMiddle East23.12.4114657920 Private  S. WorthingtonWestern Europe23.6.44
14002672 Private  C. WebsterWestern Europe17.2.452934657 Private  A. WrightBurma13.4.44
4535323 Private  C. WelshU.K.12.10.402938329 Private  J. WrightMiddle East4.12.41
2926839 Private  H. WelshEritrea15.3.415675994 Private  R.F. YoudeWestern Europe29.10.44
2930132 Private  F. WestEritrea15.3.412932984 Private  A. YoungFrance & Belgium22.5.40
14200711 Private  J. WestonNorth Africa23.3.433314132 Private  A.T. YoungSicily10.3.44
3066881 Private  J. WheatleyNorth Africa23.3.432933735 Private  J.K. YoungWestern Europe24.7.44
4866197 Private  W.H. WheatleyMiddle East2.11.4214742140 Private  R. YoungWestern Europe12.2.45
14497374 Private  H. WhiteWestern Europe18.2.452937759 Private  A.S. YuleMiddle East15.6.41
2934189 Private  J.L. ZamanskyNorth Africa23.3.43
The Roll of Honour cannot be guaranteed to be complete and wholly accurate.
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