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Number & NameTheatre of OperationsDateNumber & NameTheatre of OperationsDate
14724137 Private  J.H. SalisburyWestern Europe17.11.442938383 Private  J.R. SpenceBurma4.4.45
2925685 Private  J. SalkeldU.K.14.6.423321803 Private  L. SpencerEritrea19.3.41
13020884 Private  R. SampsonNorth Africa25.4.433319149 Private  J.E. SquireEritrea15.3.41
2929781 Private  J. SandlanFrance & Belgium4.6.4014562456 Private  J.W. StaigWestern Europe22.8.44
3305054 Private  A. SannachanFrance & Belgium22.5.402933681 Private  J. StaniardBurma25.2.45
2940272 Private  J. SavageNorth Africa29.1.442930423 Private  D. StapletonFrance & Belgium4.6.40
14795588 Private  C.M. ScarrettWestern Europe24.3.454540922 Private  J.A. SteadIndia9.10.42
4806420 Private  E.F. SchmidtItaly20.4.442931060 Private  A. SteelFrance & Belgium5.6.40
2935585 Private  A. ScobieMiddle East24.10.422040076 Private  H.G. StevensBurma4.6.44
4541755 Private  T. ScorerBurma10.4.432930652 Private  J.M. StevensonSouth Africa23.7.44
14209259 Private  C. ScottBurma6.5.4414653909 Private  A.R. StewartWestern Europe26.10.44
2937594 Private  J. ScottMiddle East16.6.413318414 Private  C. StewartMiddle East14.12.42
1830239 Private J. ScottU.K.23.6.452926617 Private  D.W. StewartItaly7.3.44
2925640 Private  J. ScullionU.K. 5.12.432930118 Private  J.A. StewartEritrea2.2.41
2928205 Private  D. SempleIndia9.9.442937037 Private  J.H. StewartU.K.7.7.42
2821464 Private  A.J. ShandBurma25.2.452751922 Private  R. StewartFrance & Belgium21.5.40
2932787 Private  C. ShawFrance & Belgium9.6.403312796 Private  R. StewartMiddle East23.10.40
2927569 Private  G. ShawFrance & Belgium28.5.402936213 Private  T. StewartMiddle East2.11.42
2933446 Private  H. ShawMiddle East11.1.432930074 Private  J. StobieMiddle East23.10.40
14657890 Private E.W. ShearmanItaly5.8.4414240755 Private  R. StockdaleItaly3.10.44
14760791 Private  R. SheltonWestern Europe9.2.452938387 Private  A. StrachanMiddle East14.12.41
2927126 Private  D. SheridanFrance & Belgium26.5.402924982 Private  J. StruttFrance & Belgium26.5.40
3319050 Private  G.L. SherwinEritrea31.1.412931306 Private  L. SutherlandFrance & Belgium5.6.40
2932838 Private  A.D. ShieldsItaly8.3.445949346 Private  C.T. SuttleWestern Europe14.11.44
2931250 Private  H.T. ShoreU.K.8.9.3914612960 Private  C.G SwinfordWestern Europe17.2.45
14649725 Private  J. ShorterWestern Europe19.8.442926623 Private  F. SwintonFrance & Belgium22.5.40
2925650 Private  R.M. SimpsonWestern Europe13.6.444868911 Private  S. SykesItaly15.5.44
14208562 Private  A. SimsWestern Europe23.6.442928700 Private  A.M. SymeMiddle East4.12.41
2932295 Private  J. SinclairBurma6.5.442885097 Private  W. TaitBurma5.5.44
2929009 Private  J.R. SkewisMiddle East15.1.4214574066 Private  G.J. TantonItaly4.8.44
2932027 Private  S. SlavinFrance & Belgium14.10.4414669785 Private  A. TaylorWestern Europe1.7.44
14863946 Private  R. SloanU.K.9.5.4514258861 Private  A.J. TaylorWestern Europe11.9.44
5388136 Private  B. SmithWestern Europe29.3.452928852 Private  G. TaylorMiddle East20.8.40
4809635 Private  D. SmithBurma25.2.452821581 Private  H. TaylorItaly7.3.44
2938732 Private  F.C. SmithBurma22.6.442936187 Private  N.D. TaylorU.K.29.3.41
2825558 Private  J. SmithIndia3.9.4410602150 Private  D. ThompsonWestern Europe19.7.44
2939760 Private  J.D. SmithWestern Europe13.6.444393367 Private  W. ThompsonBurma6.5.44
2935588 Private  K. SmithBurma25.2.452983962 Private  A. ThomsonItaly9.3.44
4541510 Private  R. SmithMiddle East15.6.412928171 Private  C.B. ThomsonFrance & Belgium25.5.40
330041 Private  V.M. SmithItaly8.3.442933811 Private  D. ThomsonU.K. 24.3.41
14607387 Private  W. SmithItaly18.5.442939611 Private  J. ThomsonItaly5.8.44
4806266 Private  W.A. SmithNorth Africa23.3.4314297173 Private  J.S. ThomsonWestern Europe13.6.44
2932859 Private  S. SnaddonEritrea5.2.412934388 Private  M.W.T. ThresherU.K.18.8.41
14717415 Private  J.K. SneddonBurma25.2.4514400772 Private  A.J. TrimBurma16.3.45
2939172 Private  R. SneddonItaly7.8.442932474 Private  D.T. TrotterMiddle East19.7.43
1141149 Private  R.M. SneddonItaly 14.5.442933535 Private  L. TunneyNorth Africa23.3.43
14209268 Private  W. SnodgrassItaly12.6.442932560 Private  T. TurleyEritrea10.2.41
2934754 Private  S. SpeakWestern Europe3.7.442933229 Private  J. TurnbullItaly28.2.44
2937030 Private  A. SpeirsNorth Africa23.3.432933499 Private  C. TurpinMiddle East22.8.42

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