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Honours & Awards
B.E.M. & M.C.'s
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2935441  C.Q.M.S.  J. L. W. Boyd.4467368  A/Sergeant  W. Hilton.2921076   C.Q.M.S.  T. Mitchell.
2925655  Staff-Sergeant  T. Cairns. (A.C.C.)2928033  Sergeant  T. Lennon, M.M.14201508  Corporal  D. W. Jenkins.


Lieutenant  D.M.L. Ainslie,  (and Bar).T/Captain  D.B. Lang.
Captain  D.K. Beaton.Major  J.N. Lapraik, (and Bar).
For  consistent courage and leadership while serving with the 51st M.E. Commando during the Battle of Amber Alagi and at Keren and for outstanding initiative and command during the course of an operation in the Aegean, during which he occupied the island of Simi with his detachment of S.B.S. and later successfully resisted a German landing, inflicting heavy casualties.
2nd Lieutenant  G.D.S. Black.Lieutenant  N.J. Lawrie.
T/Captain  D.H. Burns.Lieutenant  F.H. Leckie. (R.A.M.C.).
T/Major  H.W. Cairns.A/Major  A.W. Lee.
Major  D.F. Callander. (and Bar).A/Captain  N. Lockey.
2nd Lieutenant  A.G. Cameron.Major  R.D.C. M'Call.
Major  C.A. Cameron.Captain  G.G. Macdonald.
A/Captain  D.H. Cameron.Captain J. Macdonald.
T/Captain  E.A. Cameron.T/Major  J.H. Mackie.
T/Major  H.F. Cameron.2nd Lieutenant  J.F. Mackinnon.
Lieutenant  P.R.E. Cameron.2924265  C.S.M.  G.T. Mackintosh.
Captain  R.A.C. Cameron.T/Captain  J.M. Mackintosh.
Lieutenant  W.G. Chalmers.Captain the Reverend, F.J.L. Maclauchlan (R.A.Ch.D.) (and Bar).
Lieutenant  R.C.H. Collier.Captain  E.A. Mainwaring.
Lieutenant  T. Cumming.Major  C.A.B. Malden.
T/Major  W.D. Davidson.T/Captain  C.P.B. Moggridge.
Captain the Reverend  D.F.S. Dick, (R.A.Ch.D.).T/Major  R.M. Munro.
Captain  J. Elliot.2nd Lieutenant  T.A. Nicol.
Lieutenant  J. Ellis (U.D.F.).Captain  G.A. Nixon.
Lieutenant  D.M. Fletcher.T/Major  A.J. Noble.
Lieutenant  D.R. Galloway.Major  C.A.H.M. Noble.
T/Major  D.M. Geddes, (Bar).
For gallant and distinguished services while serving with the East African Armoured Car Regiment in Italian Somaliland, Juba River.
A/Captain  I.D. Robertson.
Lieutenant  E.N. Grace.2nd Lieutenant  R.C. Robertson-Macleod.
T/Major  D.B. Graham.2nd Lieutenant  D.F. Ross.
Captain  W.G. Graham. (and Bar).2nd Lieutenant  E.M. Ross.
T/Major  C. Grant.Lieutenant  J.R. Sim.
Lieutenant  F. Greenwood.Lieutenant  A. Sinclair.
T/Major  H.R. Haig.2nd Lieutenant  G. Stewart.
Lieutenant  J.C. Hamp.Lieutenant  G.D. Stewart.
T/Captain  J.B.J. Houghton.T/Major  R.T. Stewart-Macpherson. (and 2 Bars).
Lieutenant  C.D. Hunter.Lieutenant  C. S.  Urquart.
Major  D.R. Hunter.T/Captain  W.N. White.

Captain  W.W. Yellowlees (R.A.M.C.)

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