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Honours & Awards
D.C.M. & M.M.
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2983211  Sergeant  G.K. Anderson.2928608  Sergeant  E. Macdonald (S.A.S.)2929382  Lance-Sergeant  D. C. Randall
3769644  Sergeant  R.A. Brown7260085  Sergeant  W. H. M'Evoy2928024  Lance-Sergeant  W. M. Scobie
3515161  Lance-Sergeant  W.A. Challington2924467  Sergeant  J. A. M'Lean2928537  Private  M. Smith
2927262  C.S.M.  T. Cook2747338  P.S.M.  W. M'Millan2929422  Sergeant  J. D. Stewart
2928701  Lance-Corporal  S. Gray2926314  P.S.M.  D. T. Milligan2921936  C.S.M.  J. Scott
4571946  Sergeant  D. M'Clew2615311  Corporal  C. S. Pickett


2924987  C.S.M.  J. Ahern2928701  Lance-Sergeant  S. Gray, D.C.M.2932222  Colour-Sergeant  J. Milne
7386430  Private  G. K. Anderson1571041  Private  G. E. Hawkins2933197  A/Corporal  D. Mitchell
2925929  Sergeant  M. Auld2927175  Lance-Corporal  D. Hendry2934708  A/Corporal  J. E. Monley
Lance-Corporal  S. Bolden5392865  Corporal  J. Holland3242419  Private  M. Moon
2935823   Lance-Corporal  E. J. Brady2928482  C.Q.M.S.  R. G. Holmes14241800  Sergeant  S. J. Mullard
2875165  Private  A. Brown2930015  Private  P. Honey2929529  Lance-Corporal  D. Munro
2930105  Private  D. BrownePrivate  H.  Howard2927357  Sergeant  F. Nicholls
2930134  Lance-Corporal  H. Bush2940188  Lance-Corporal  W. M'L. Humble2933745  Private  J. W. Niven
4917981  Lance-Corporal  A. Butler2930785  C.S.M.  W. E. Jack2927305  C.S.M.  A. Owens
2928356  Lance-Corporal  W. A. Caird2926668  Lance-Corporal  W. Jackson2931704  Corporal  J. Parker
2928411  Sergeant  J. A. Cameron2928456  Private  F. Jarvis2930122  Private  W. Parkin
2925154  Sergeant  A. Campbell2931662  Lance-Sergeant  C. Jones2930945  Sergeant  L. Perkins
2928343  A/Sergeant  A. Campbell2753755  Sergeant  J. King2931324  Private  J. W. Reid
2934208  Sergeant  D. Carlin2931396  A/Corporal  R. Leadbeater2932481  Corporal  D. Robin
5389974  Lance-Corporal  A. H. Childs2928033  Lance-Corporal  T. Lennon2933493  Lance-Sergeant  J. G. Rogers
2928718  Sergeant  J. D. G. Christie2931296  Private  A. M'Bain2934077  Lance-Corporal G. P. Sands
2975057  C.S.M.  W. W. Clelland2688210  C.S.M.  W. A. MacBride2938003  Private  A. Scott
2928400  Sergeant  W. Cuthbertson2929659  Private  A. Macdonald2933041  Lance-Sergeant  A. S. Sinclair
2928278  Lance-Corporal  T. Darling2926790  Private  D. J. Macdonald2926712  Sergeant  D. Smith
3066611  Private  W. Darling2927087  C.S.M.  R. Macdonald3313146  Private  J. M. Stewart
2656312  Sergeant  J. M. Davidson2931991  Lance-Corporal  D. J. Mackay2934656  Private  H. Stubbs
2928577  Lance-Sergeant  R. Davidson2934260  Sergeant  N. M'Dougall2935750  Private  W. Thomson
2983136  Corporal  T. Dawson2933116  Sergeant  P. M'Kenna5384169  A/Sergeant  L. A. Toogood
2927913  Corporal  E. Douglas2930651  Sergeant  A. Mackenzie2928157  Private  J. Turnbull
2937769  Lance-Sergeant  M. C. Douglas2937425  Sergeant  R. B. Mackenzie2937756  Corporal  M. C. Watt
Lance-Corporal  C. V. R. Dunn2928863  Private  T. M'Kirdy2764474  Private  E. Whiteley
C.S.M.  H. Fraser2932214  Private  M. Maclean3769703  Corporal  T. M. Wilcock
2976167  Corporal  J. Gallagher2926756  Lance-Corporal  A. M'Lennan2929883  Lance-Sergeant  D. Wilcox
2932648  Corporal  G. R. Gass2930582  Corporal  E. M'Manus3851955  Sergeant  J. J. Williams
2934653  Corporal  J. Gordon2765814  Corporal  G. M'William2933314  Private  J. R. Wilson
2930400  Sergeant  J. D. Gordon1428429  Sergeant  F. Martin2934132  Private  P. Wilson
2934111  Lance-Sergeant  J. Graham2928622  Private  G. M. Matthews2934825  Private  W. Winterbottom
14364327  Private  M. Grant2929616  Private  S. K. May
2938643  Lance-Sergeant  G. Gravatt2935942  Lance-Corporal  J. Mightens

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