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George Medal
2934127  Corporal  T. F. Scott

On 21st September 1943, Corporal Scott was dropped by parachute on Lisac forest in N.E. Serbia, together with two officers of the Yugoslav Forces. Breaking a leg himself, he succeeded in bringing one of the officers, who had been severely wounded, safely into the British lines. He displayed amazing courage and selfless devotion to duty.

Mentioned in Despatches

T/Captain  A. M. AllanMajor  C. C. B. Gordon2757919  Private  J. Manzie
2928154  Private  D. AllenT/Captain  J. A. Graham29297777  Colour-Sergeant  W. E. Matthews
T/Brigadier  A. Anderson, D.S.O., M.C.A/Brigadier  J. A. Grant-Peterkin2926897  Lance-Corporal  D. A. J. Menzies
2935426  Private  A. AndersonT/Major  H. M. Grant, M.B.E., M.C.T/Major  P. S. Methven
2933530  Private  J. AndersonMajor  I. P. GrantT/Lt.-Colonel  R. D. M. C. Miers
Lieutenant  R. Andrew-M'Intosh2928701  Lance-Sergeant  S. Gray, D.C.M., M.M.T/Brigadier  G. P. Miller, D.S.O., M.C.
2930680  Laance-Sergeant  J. Andrews2928219  Corporal  S. GreenCaptain & Quartermaster  W. M. Milne
Lieutenant  R. Andrews2930402  Private  D. GreigT/Major  J. Mitchell
2931087  Sergeant  F. Armstrong793635  Private  P. GreigT/Captain  N. A. Morrison
Captain  R. M'D. ArnotLieutenant  L. E. Griffith2930992  R.S.M.  A. Moss
14814306  Private  W. Ashton2929834  Private  J. E. H. Gwynne2932753  Private  J. I. Muirhead
Captain  J. BainT/Major  H. D. Hamilton-HillT/Major  D. J. S. Murray
Major-General  C.M. Barber, C.B., D.S.O.Major  J. M. HannayMajor  W. K. R. Murray
14621538  Lance-Corporal  B. R. BarnesCaptain  H. C. HarveyT/Major  R. M. Neilson
2933319  Private  W. H. BarrLieutenant  R. C. Haworth-Price2934533  Private J. Nelson
5387155  Sergeant  J. Barrett14383225  Private  A. HeatheringtonT/Captain  I. Nicolson
2927004  Sergeant  M. Battersby2568896  Private  T. HewittT/Captain  T. A. Nicol
Captain  G. K. Bell3861444  Sergeant  A. HoltT/Captain  T. P. B. Nimmo
2931828  Lance-Corporal  E. Betley2930640  Colour-Sergeant  G. HoughtonT/Major  C. A. H. M. Noble
A/Captain  A. S. N. Black2940188 Lance-Sergeant  W. M'L. Humble T/Major  D. M. Noble
T/Captain  J. B. BlackLieutenant  C. D. Hunter6213861  Lance-Corporal  K. O'Donovan
T/Captain  R. G. Borradaile, M.C.T/Lt.-Colonel  D. R. Hunter, M.C.2930122  Private  W. Parkin, M.M.
Major  W. F. G. Brabin14656491  Corporal  H. Hunter4393312  Private  J. Parks
2925681  C.S.M.  W. BristoweT/Captain  W. R. Hunter2928628  Lance-Corporal  P. Pattinson
14213499  Private  J. BrownLieutenant  R. L. HuntingfordA/Lt.-Colonel  P. G. C. Peddie, M.B.E.
2981179  Private  R. BruceCaptain  I. G. Inch2930945  Sergeant  L. Perkins
6985988  Lance-Corporal  W. E. Brunt2928565  A/Sergeant  A. Jarvie2615311  Corporal  C. S. Pickett, D.C.M.
14211577  Corporal  J. Burgess2563576  Private  A. Jeans2928145  Sergeant  G. K. Piercy
2928362  Sergeant  A. J. BurnettT/Major  A. G. Jeans2930695  Colour-Sergeant  D. A. Pirrie
T/Major  R. W. Cairns, M.B.E.4541705  Corporal  S. JoyT/Captain  A. R. G. Pringle-Pattison
2931810  Private  J. CairneyLieutenant  H. K. Junor2933244  Corporal  J. Pritchard
Major  N.P. D. Caldecott Baird2932105  Lance-Sergeant  J. Kelso2935574  Lance-Corporal  T. Quinn
T/Captain  A. G. Cameron, M.C.A/Captain  C. KerrA/Major  N. B. Ramsay, M.C., T.D.
Lieutenant  A. R. P. P. Cameron763344  P.S.M.  G. KerrLieutenant  G. A. K. Reuss
T/Colonel  I. C. Cameron.
For distinguished service while commanding 84 sub-area, M.E.F., in 1941 and 1942 during the Syrian campaign and in the Lebanon.
2927197  Lance-Corporal  J. Kerr2nd Lieutenant  R. G. Rhind
2928411  Sergeant  J. Cameron2928584  Sergeant  J. K. KirkwoodT/Lt.-Colonel  R. M. Riach, D.S.O.
2928917  Lance-Corporal  J. A. Cameron4541970  C.S.M.  W. E. LaceyLieutenant  W. C. Richardson
Lieutenant  J. L. CameronCaptain T. B. M. LambA/Captain  D. Robb
2930878  Private  W. CameronA/Major  D. B. Lang, M.C.A/Captain  A. A. Robertson
Lieutenant  W. N. Cameron2934114  Corporal  J. LappinT/Captain  J. A. Robertson
T/Lt.-Colonel  A. E. H. CampbellA/Major  A. F. Lauder2nd Lieutenant  W. R. Robertson
2931630  Private  F. CampbellT/Captain  L. A. D. Leslie2932481  Corporal  D. Robin
2929449  C.Q.M.S.  I. CampbellT/Lt.-Colonel N. D. Leslie.
For distinguished services while serving in North Africa with 1/5th Battalion The Queens Regiment 1943.
Lieutenant  E. M. Ross, M.C.
Lt.-Colonel  Earl Cawdor402357  Corporal  G. Leitch1685440  A/Corporal  J. Ross
T/Major  W. J. Chalmers2925489  Private  J. W. Leys2928437  Private  W. Ross
T/Captain  W. R. Chalmers2930526  Private  R. C. LighterwoodT/Captain  A. G. Rumbold, M.C.
Lt.-General  A. F. P. Christison, C.B., M.C.309757  P.S.M.  A. Little2921458  R.S.M.  F. P. Scott
2935198  Private  A. M. ClappertonMajor  D. G. N. Lloyd-Lowles895324  A/Sergeant  G. Shannon
Lieutenant & Quartermaster  A. G. Cochrane2930403  Private  A. Lowder3052384  Private  W. Shannley
T/Captain  A. R. Cochrane2928049  Sergeant  W. M. Lumsden2928338  Private  J. Sharkey
2nd Lieutenant  J. A. Cochrane2935899  Private  A. M'Arthur 3185953  Private  G. Sheridan
2978302  Private  T. Collins3766821  C.S.M.  J. H. Macartney2927085  Private  A. K. Simpson
3320528  Private  F. Cox5437828  Private  A. S. MacBeanLieutenant  H. Smith
Lieutenant  J. A. Crawford2928964  Private  J. M'Bean6972523  R.Q.M.S.  H. J. Seddon
2925978  Sergeant  G. Crossan2688210  P.S.M.  W. A. MacBrideA/Colonel  J. Sorel-Cameron, D.S.O.
2929648  Sergeant  J. Cunningham2926607  Sergeant  J. M'CallumT/Captain  K. R. Standing
2928441  Sergeant  T. S. CurrieT/Captain  D. F. MacDonaldLt.-Colonel  F. A. Stanley
2927153  Lance-Corporal  R. Davidson2927683  Sergeant  D. M'Donald2927205  Private  W. M. Stenhouse
2656312  Sergeant  J. M. Davidson2931066  Colour-Sergeant  G. G. Macdonald2928762  Private  D. Stevenson
2927359  Bandsman J. Davis2934260  Sergeant  N. M'DougallLieutenant  G. Stewart
T/Major  I. A. G. DavyLieutenant  E. M'Duck2933748  Lance-Sergeant  B. Stirling
2928861  Corporal  P. Devlin2932274  Private  P. J. M'GarryT/Major  J. P. Stone
Lieutenant  A. G. DicksonT/Captain  W. J. Macgregor2934656  Private  H. Stubbs
Lieutenant  J. Donaldson2930332  Private  T. M'InallyCaptain  I. A. Tait
Lieutenant  D. Douglas2929949  Sergeant  W. L. Macinnes2695550  Sergeant  J. Tannahill
2928953  Sergeant  S. Draycott2929766  Lance-Sergeant  P. A. Macintosh13021424  Private  N. Thompson
Major-General  J. S. Drew, C.B., D.S.O., M.C.2929760  Private  R. M'Isaac2935750  Private  W.  Thompson
2935667  Corporal  A. Duncan2929516  Corporal  A. D. MackayMajor  J. C. Thomson
Major  C. S. DuncanLieutenant  W. A. Mackay2931310  Lance-Corporal  L. Thomson
Lieutenant  R. G. Dunn2925912  Private  A. M'Kenzie2934381  Corporal  W. Thomson
A/Captain  J. W. EadeLieutenant  R. T. M'Kenzie5384169  Corporal  L. A. Toogood
A/Captain  T. H. FairbairnT/Captain  D. A. C. M'Killop2926637  Colour-Sergeant  T. Toomey
T/Captain  V. C. FennesseyLieutenant  W. J. Mackillop2927003  Corporal  H. Towers
T/Major  A. A. Ferguson2924265  A/R.S.M.  C. T. MackintoshMajor  F. S. Waldegrave, M.C.
Captain the Viscount Fincastle
A/Brigadier  A. G. L. Maclean, C.B.E.
For distinguished services while serving as D.A. AND o.m.g. 15th Indian Corps, during the operations in Arakan, culminating in the capture of Rangoon.
2928643  Lance-Sergeant  D. V. Watson
2937925  Private  J. R. FindlayMajor  W. A. Macleay2934610  Corporal  R. Wells
2928845  Private  B. Finlay T/Major R. D. M'Leod4540896  Sergeant  H. White
2927301  Sergeant  P. C. Fisher409654  Private  A. J. Macmillan2932173  Corporal  R. Whyte
2928801  Corporal  J. FlockhartT/Lt.-Colonel  J. F. Macnab.
For distinguished services while commanding the 1/1st (Nyasaland) Battalion in the operations in the N.F.D. and Italian Somaliland and in the capture of Abyssinia.
3606346  Private  R. Whyte
2930432  Sergeant  S. J. FraserLieutenant  D. I. M'Namara1612497  Private  T. Williamson
2695511  Private  J. GalbraithT/Captain  A. C. M'NicollA/Major  D. C. R. Wilson
2930247  Private  J. Gallacher2924275  C.S.M.  W. M'PhersonPrivate  J. D. R. Wilson
2928483  Private  W. Gardiner2927496  Lance-Sergeant  A. MacRaeMajor-General  D. N. Wimberley, D.S.O., M.C.
2928497  Sergeant  C. F. Garner2928034  Sergeant  G. O. J. MacskimmingA/Captain  H. P. Hood
T/Lt.-Colonel  D. M. Geddes, M.C.
For distinguished service while serving in 1944 with 4th (Uganda) Battalion King's African Rifles in Assam
Lieutenant  E. A. Mainwaring2935423  Private  J. Young
2930471  C.Q.M.S.  R. A. GillesT/Major  E. Maitland-Makgill-Crichton

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