Liverpool Scottish crestThe Liverpool Scottish(Queens Own cameron Highlanders)
"Keep 'em Moving"
1st & 2nd Liverpool Scottish
1940 - 1941

2934077 Private George Sands, Liverpool Scottish 1940 wearing Forbes Tartan kilt
Forbes Tartan Kilt
       2934077 Pte. George Sands, 1st & 2nd battalions The Liverpool Scottish.

Joan, George's wife of 53 years. They met whilst George was part of a Platoon of men guarding Nacton Civilian Airport, Ipswich. Under command of Lt. Eric Mainwaring.
Joan, wife to be of George Sands, 1940

Liverpool Scottish somewhere in East Anglia, possibly Nacton civilian airport Ipswich 1940

Liverpool Scottish, possibly somewhere in East Anglia. They were detailed with guarding Nacton civilian airport as well as RAF stations at Martlesham and Wattisham, just outside Ipswich, and defence duties along the Suffolk coast.
George Sands
centre back)
Todd Sloan(e)?  
(standing right)
Corporal Dalrymple ?

Liverpool Scottish Christmas card 1940
Liverpool Scottish Christmas card, 1940 with Forbes tartan ribbon.
Liverpool Scottish crest on a ladies silk handkerchief
Ladies silk handkerchief, with embroidered Liverpool Scottish crest
Liverpool Scottish with Bren Gun Woodbridge area, Suffolk 1940
Liverpool Scottish Carrier platoon, Aldringham, near Woodbridge, Suffolk

kind permission of Fred Craig
Liverpool Scottish Woodbridge Suffolk 1940
Liverpool Scottish in the Woodbridge area of Suffolk
kind permission of Fred Craig

Fred Craig with Bren Gun, Suffolk 1940Fred Craig (New Zealand) serving with Liverpool Scottish, circa 1940 - 41, Polegate, Sussex.
Richard Harrison, Liverpool Scottish, Isle of Man training camp
Liverpool Scottish at camp on the Isle of Man, pre war 1939.
Richard Harrison, (right) died of wounds after battle at St Honorine, France, June 1944. serving with 5th Camerons
(kind permission of Peter & Shelagh Whitby)

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