Cameron cap badge2nd & 5th battalions
The Queens Own Cameron Highlanders
"Keep 'em Moving"
2nd & 5th Camerons
North Africa 1942

2934077 Pte. George Sands embarkation leave, 9 Kings Way Ipswich. January 1942

Serving with 2nd Camerons, on leave before sailing for Egypt. Photograph was taken in the back garden of 9 Kings Way, Ipswich. The home of his future wife, Joan.

In January 1942 George sailed from Gourock, Scotland, aboard P & O Strathmore, as part of re-inforcements for 2nd Camerons fighting at Tobruk. He never made it to Tobruk as Sand fly fever took its toll. On recovery he would serve with 4th Indian Division. Based at Mena camp, within sight of the Great Pyramid at Gisa, George would join 5th Camerons when they arrived in Egypt, in August 1942. 5th Camerons first action would be at:

El Alamein 23rd October 1942
P & O ship Strathmore
P&O ship, SS Strathmore, at Port Sudan, December 1945.
by kind permission of Mr John Swan
2934077 Pte. George Sands. Mena camp Egypt 1942
above; Resting at Mena and the Great Pyramid & Sphinx at Gisa, Egypt 1942.
2nd Camerons Egypt 19425th Camerons, Egypt 1942
left; 2nd Camerons: right; 5th Camerons, North Africa 1942
2nd Anniversary shield of El Alamein

Produced by 8th army for the 2nd anniversary of Alamein day in 1944. It contains all the insignia of divisions serving with 8th army and those that fought at;

El Alamein 23rd October 1942

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