5th Battalion
The Queens Own Cameron Highlanders
"Keep 'em Moving"
5th Camerons
Telegrams, letters etc

receipt of 20 gratuity for award of Military Medal
20 gratuity for the award of the Military Medal received in 1950. Five years after the deed. George called it "Churchill's Blood Money"
Telegram informing Joan of George being wounded

The dreaded Telegram, George had already managed to get word home he was safe, before it arrived.

Kings letter that accompanied the Military Medal
Letter from His Majesty, King George VI. which accompanied the
Military Medal
1945 victory prayer book
Victory thanks-giving service prayer book 1945

Montgomery's letter to all troops prior to D-Day

left; Sent to Joan during one of Georges darker moments : right; Message from Monty prior to D-Day 6th June 1944

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