Cameron cap badge The Queens Own Cameron Highlanders
"Keep 'em Moving"
War over
5th Camerons at play

Queens Own Cameron Highlanders sergeants

5th Camerons, 'A' company Sergeants, CSM. Hugh Fraser holding company penant. Germany 1945. Sgt. George Sands (right)

5th Camerons Verden Stadium, Germany 1945

5th Camerons, Verden stadium? Germany 1945

old and new Cameron recruits Verden Stadium

above & below. Old and new recruits, Germany 1945.
5th Camerons Verden Stadium
Returning to bath house after sports training. Verden Stadium. Germany 1945

Returning for bath after training, ready for the Divisional games at Verden Stadium, which 5th Camerons won.

5th Camerons Highland Games team after winning Divisional games, Verden Stadium. Germany 1945

5th Camerons Divisional games winning team Germany 1945

(games team by kind permission of Derek Suggate ex 5th Camerons)

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