Cameron cap badge The Queens Own Cameron Highlanders
"Keep 'em Moving"

5th Camerons

Guard duties

Westertimke Camp

Bremervorde, Germany 1945/1946

In October 1945, 5th Camerons moved to Westertimke prisoner of war camp, near Bremervorde. They were detailed to guard the camp holding both Whermacht and SS soldiers, during the screening process for any war criminals. Sgt Sands was one of the Discipline officers at Malag pen 7. One prisoner, Hans Hofmeier, who came from Bremervorde, painted the portraits of Sergeant George Sands MM.
Head and shoulders portrait of 2934077 Sgt George Sands MMFull portrait of 2934077 Sgt George Sands MM
Portraits of 2934077 Sergeant George Sands MM. by Hans Hofmeier, Malag pen 7, Westertimke camp 1945 - 1946
Walking stick made by German prisoners. Westertimke, Germany

Walking stick made by prisoners at Westertimke. It is inscribed with George's name and all the battles that 5th Camerons took part in.

carved wooden Ashtray depicting Cameron Highlander

left ;

Carved wooden Cameron Highlander ashtray, inscribed Westertimke.Carved by a Westertimke prisoner.
SS Dress sword
SS dress sword, taken from Nazi prisoner, Westertimke POW camp.

vase made from 25 pounder shell casevase made from 25 pounder shell case
Two 25 pounder Field Gun shell cases, fashioned into vases. Inscribed Westertimke 1945 and Malag Pen 7. by German Prisoners of war.

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