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NameTheatre of OperationsDateNameTheatre of OperationsDate
Captain   P. M. AldridgeWestern Europe29.8.44Captain    I. JackItaly23.3.44
2nd Lieutenant   P. J. AlexanderSicily1.8.43Captain    J. KeirMiddle East4.12.41
Lieutenant   I. C. AndersonItaly16.5.44Lieutenant    W. L. LamontItaly24.2.44
Lieutenant  H. C. ArchibaldNorth Africa24.4.432nd Lieutenant    R. D. LangdonMiddle East7.12.41
Major   J. M. S. BainBurma25.2.45Captain    W. J. MacgregorWestern Europe1.7.44
Lieutenant   R. S. BoslemItaly14.7.44Lieutenant    D. MaciverMiddle East24.10.42
Lieutenant   I. N. H. BraggMiddle East11.11.42Captain    W. A. MackayBurma13.5.44
Lieutenant   F. E. BrightSicily17.7.43Lieutenant    J. R. Mackay-smithSicily1.8.43
2nd Lieutenant   R. BrydonNorth Africa8.3.43Captain    A. D. MackenzieItaly6.10.44
2nd Lieutenant   E. E. Buzzard Western Europe1.7.44Lieutenant    G. MackieItaly7.3.44
2nd Lieutenant   J. A. CameronEritrea15.3.41Captain    C. MaclennanSicily6.10.43
Lieutenant   W. N. CameronItaly1.10.44Captain    A. D. Macleod Sicily1.8.43
Lieutenant   D. CampbellU.K.26.2.43Major    A. L. MacnabWestern Europe11.9.44
Lieutenant   I. A. E. Campbell-ColquhounU.K.17.5.42Lieutenant    L. MarchWestern Europe1.7.44
Lieutenant   D. F. CavayeFrance & Belgium21.6.41Lieutenant    D. MayItaly5.10.43
Lieutenant   D. N. CochraneFrance & Belgium18.5.402nd Lieutenant    A. L. T. M'AllisterMiddle East5.12.42
Captain    T. K. CochraneMiddle East5.11.42Captain    J. A. M'DonaldMiddle East22.10.42
Lieutenant   J. M. Connell, M.B.E.Middle East9.12.41Lieutenant    E. M'IntoshBurma26.1.44
Lieutenant   C. E. CouttsWestern Europe18.8.442nd Lieutenant    P. B. G. M'LeanFrance & Belgium26.5.40
Lieutenant   D. G. G. DavidsonBurma2.3.45Captain    D. L. M'MillanBurma18.4.44
Lieutenant    W. Dobie Western Europe23.6.44Lieutenant    J. C. A. M'NaughtBurma7.5.44
Lieutenant    A. N. M. DouglasWestern Europe21.2.45Captain    D. F. MelvenMiddle East14.12.42
Major    A. S. K. DouglasBurma5.6.44Lieutenant  D. W. MilneWestern Europe11.9.44
Lieutenant   W. DuguidWestern Europe25.2.452nd Lieutenant     K. D. MilneEritrea15.3.41
2nd Lieutenant   J. A. DuthieMiddle East4.12.412nd Lieutenant    A. S. MorrisonMiddle East5.12.41
Lieutenant    P. EastNorth Africa24.4.43Lieutenant    E. de L. C. NorrishMiddle East2.11.42
Major   R. D. M. EmmersonBurma10.6.442nd Lieutenant   A. G. OrrMiddle East9.12.40
Lieutenant   H. B. M. FarleyMiddle East2.11.42Major     A. N. ParkerWestern Europe23.10.44
Lieutenant   R. H. FawcittMiddle East24.10.42Captain    L. G. PitmanNorth Africa23.3.43
Captain   E. D. M. Viscount FincastleFrance & Belgium5.6.40Lieutenant    G. M. PoeItaly5.8.44
2nd Lieutenant   J. W. A. G. ForsythMiddle East4.12.41Lieutenant    R. E. RamsayIndia3.9.44
Lieutenant    K. C. GardnerSicily1.8.43Lieutenant    G. B. ReedNorth Africa6.4.43
Lieutenant   C. J. R. GibsonAt Sea7.12.42Lieutenant    D. ReidMiddle East15.6.41
Major   A. GrantMiddle East31.1.422nd Lieutenant    N. A. C. RickabyWestern Europe10.2.45
2nd Lieutenant   H. O. P. GrantFrance & Belgium21.5.402nd Lieutenant    D. A. RobertsonMiddle East9.12.40
Lieutenant-Colonel    I. P. GrantItaly20.6.45Captain    I. D. Robertson, M.C.Middle East11.12.40
Captain   R. B. G. GrayWestern Europe18.7.442nd Lieutenant    A. I. RossMiddle East5.12.41
Lieutenant   N. G. GrundyMiddle East2.11.42Lieutenant     J. M. SchofieldWestern Europe19.4.45
Captain    J. M. M'V. GubbinsItaly6.2.44Lieutenant    H. SimMiddle East5.6.43
Lieutenant    J. C. Hamp, M.C.North Africa6.4.43Lieutenant    N. G. SteeleNorth Africa23.3.43
Lieutenant    W. HastingsBurma19.3.44Captain     W. R. StevensonWestern Europe23.10.44
Lieutenant    C. J. HenrySicily1.8.43Lieutenant    J. M. Sutherland Western Europe28.3.45
Lieutenant-Colonel    M. G. O. HillItaly9.8.44Captain    I. A. TaitWestern Europe9.6.44
2nd Lieutenant    H. N. HoggWestern Europe13.8.44Major    T. M. ThrelfallFrance & Belgium4.6.40
Captain    J. B. J. Houghton, M.C.Norway23.10.42Lieutenant    T. H. WoodFrance & Belgium9.6.40
Lieutenant    R. A. IremongerWestern Europe23.10.44Lieutenant    J. YounieBurma9.3.45

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