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POPPYRoll of Honour
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Number & NameTheatre of OperationsDateNumber & NameTheatre of OperationsDate
14648303 Private L.C. EarpU.K.2.1.444537170 Private J. FryerMiddle East9.12.40
14780420 Private  W.H. EasthopeWestern Europe25.4.452938222 Private  T. GallacherBurma25.2.45
2929211 Private  E. EatonWestern Europe4.10.4414612568 Private  A.A. GambleWestern Europe18.7.44
2926919 Private  J. EdgarFrance & Belgium28.2.4214324972 Private  H.H. GardnerBalkans & Greece16.1.45
14648304 Private  R.C. EdneyWestern Europe14.8.442934045 Private  D.H. GathercoleItaly14.9.44
13106793 Private  A. EdwardsWestern Europe16.8.4414795556 Private  L.P. GerelliWestern Europe25.3.45
14568795 Private  J. EdwardsBurma26.2.452935603 Private  D. GibsonMiddle East6.12.41
4538559 Private  G. ElliottBurma14.5.442932823 Private  J. GibsonMiddle East4.12.41
3053902 Private  F. ElsmoreNorth Africa23.3.432937770 Private  J.W. GilchristBurma18.5.44
14550510 Private  G.H. EntwistleWestern Europe23.6.442925608 Private  D. GillanFrance & Belgium10.6.44
2938300 Private  A.W. EvansBurma5.5.442937771 Private  D. GillespieMiddle East21.6.42
6985970 Private  J. EverardBurma11.6.442932081 Private  S. GilliesBurma5.5.44
2928596 Private  H. EwingMiddle East5.1.412932463 Private  J. GillilandFrance & Belgium16.10.44
2935860 Private  R.H. EwingNorth Africa23.3.432932085 Private  T. GlancyItaly8.3.44
14595226 Private P.T.H. FairbairnBurma5.5.4414668728 Private  W. GledhillWestern Europe10.2.45
2940030 Private  J.  FaircloughNorth Africa23.3.432937937 Private  J. GodfreyItaly11.3.42
2934672 Private  J. FairhurstNorth Africa6.4.432933009 Private  T. GoldU.K.27.2.42
2975652 Private  J.J. FairleyWestern Europe13.6.442934368 Private G.M. GoldieMiddle East24.10.42
2928572 Private  G.S. FalconerMiddle East16.6.412935269 Private  C. GordonMiddle East2.5.44
2934365 Private  R. FallsSouth Africa20.4.432934237 Private  D.H. GordonWestern Europe11.10.44
2939997 Private  G.E. FardoeNorth Africa13.3.434265469 Private  G. GordonMiddle East5.12.41
2933805 Private  J. FarriesMiddle East28.10.422932299 Private  S.R. GordonItaly4.9.44
2933603 Private  J. FarrimondNorth Africa23.3.432928364 Private  J. GormleyMiddle East17.6.40
14657836 Private  H. FazakerleyItaly15.3.443716041 Private  J. GormleyNorth Africa6.4.43
2931090 Private  E. FergusonMiddle East15.10.432937939 Private   J. GormleyWestern Europe8.8.44
2937923 Private  J. FergusonMiddle East24.3.432930082 Private  R.M. GorrianEritrea15.3.41
2763525 Private P. FergusonBurma5.5.442937941 Private  T. GowranItaly14.2.43
4533505 Private  G. FillinghamBurma5.5.442937943 Private  A. GrahamMiddle East4.12.41
2926841 Private  A. FinlaysonFrance & Belgium27.5.402930094 Private  C.M. GrahamFrance & Belgium23.5.40
2939686 Private  D. FinlaysonWestern Europe9.2.452928956 Private  D. GrahamItaly6.9.44
2930472 Private  D.W. FinlaysonFrance & Belgium4.6.402937944 Private  J. GrahamMiddle East1.3.42
2886954 Private  J. FlanniganBurma6.5.442937945 Private  W. GrahamMiddle East15.6.41
1650123 Private  A.W. FletcherWestern Europe28.3.452933719 Private  A. GrantMiddle East24.10.42
1598999 Private  E.J. FlynnWestern Europe8.8.442929926 Private  D.M. GrantFrance & Belgium13.5.40
2931333 Private  A. ForbesMiddle East9.12.402931958 Private  G.J. GrantU.K.12.7.45
14717295 Private  D. ForbesWestern Europe29.10.442931014 Private  J. GrantFrance & Belgium18.5.40
2933496 Private  E.A. FordMiddle East4.12.4114390421 Private  J. GrantBurma16.3.45
2929318 Private  D.A. ForsythMiddle East16.6.412890670 Private  W. GrantItaly5.8.44
4392784 Private  W. FosterBurma25.2.4514384987 Private  A.E. GrayBurma6.5.44
4540841 Private  T.B. FothergillBurma21.4.442930329 Private  J.J. GreechanFrance & Belgium21.5.40
830393 Private  J.F. FowlerEritrea15.3.413060749 Private  F.G. GreenNorth Africa23.3.43
2930027 Private  A. FraserFrance & Belgium14.4.4114423580 Private  J.J. GreenWestern Europe24.3.45
2930831 Private  D. FraserFrance & Belgium5.6.403318591 Private (T/Sgt) R. Green  (India unattached List) Middle East31.10.41
2932606 Private  L. FraserMiddle East24.8.4214686357 Private  W. GreerWestern Europe8.8.44
2934225 Private  M. FraserItaly27.10.432873759 Private  J.J. GreigFrance & Belgium18.5.40
2934226 Private  T.C. FraserMiddle East24.11.412935275 Private  H. GribbenAt Sea14.11.42
2939689 Private  W. FraserWestern Europe5.10.442933802 Private  J.F. GrieveU.K. 15.5.43
2934228 Private  C. FratiMiddle East23.10.422930107 Private  W. GunnWestern Europe15.8.40
14216909 Private H. FrenchWestern Europe23.10.4414827705 Private  J. GutteridgeWestern Europe24.4.45
2928355 Private  W. FrizzleMiddle East6.12.412929834 Private  J.E.H. GwynneWestern Europe28.3.42
2939824 Private  A. M. FroodWestern Europe24.3.45

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