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POPPYRoll of Honour
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 Number & NameTheatre of OperationsDateNumber & NameTheatre of OperationsDate
14749067 Private  F. HailstoneWestern Europe17.11.442932382 Private  J.M. JohnstonFrance & Belgium22.5.40
4349419 Private  J. HaleWestern Europe18.7.442933368 Private  R.H. J ohnsonItaly6.9.44
2940219 Private  J. HalfordWestern Europe29.8.442935883 Private  B.J. JohnstoneMiddle East4.12.41
2932404 Private  J. HallWestern Europe10.8.442874754 Private  D.M. JohnstoneFrance & Belgium22.5.40
2984854 Private  D. HamiltonNorth Africa23.3.432932282 Private  R.A. JohnstoneFrance & Belgium21.5.40
2935283 Private  H.R. HamiltonMiddle East9.12.4314281980 Private  T.M. JohnstoneWestern Europe23.6.44
14678092 Private  J.D.W. HamiltonWestern Europe21.8.442928695 Private  W. JollyMiddle East20.6.42
6347006 Private  E. HammondFrance & Belgium22.5.404922889 Private  C.W. JonesWestern Europe10.2.45
4393410 Private  J. HampsonBurma5.5.444698231 Private  F. JonesWestern Europe8.8.44
2933829 Private  J. HannahItaly22.2.442989180 Private  J.H. JonesItaly26.5.44
2937301 Private  G. HansonWestern Europe25.3.452940091 Private  L. JonesU.K. 23.1.43
2934371 Private  A. HardieMiddle East2.11.422940002 Private  N.K. JonesItaly19.8.44
2930398 Private  H. HardingFrance & Belgium5.1.41283839 Private  W. JonesNorth Africa16.1.43
2928865 Private  W.R. HareU.K. 19.2.412766002 Private  W. JonesItaly7.3.44
4977942 Private  W.H. HarleyBurma16.3.452933684 Private  P. KeatingNorth Africa23.3.43
1142065 Private  K. HarpleyWestern Europe18.7.447345526 Private  W. KeddieMiddle East5.12.41
2929597 Private  R. HarrisonWestern Europe22.6.442939369 Private  J.L. KeilItaly3.2.44
2933501 Private  R.J. HarrisonMiddle East5.12.422937963 Private  C. KellyMiddle East6.12.41
14577606 Private  S. HartillWestern Europe11.9.442937964 Private  E. KellyMiddle East5.6.41
13050661 Private  E. HartleyWestern Europe21.7.442933393 Private  J.H. KelsoBurma10.6.44
2759401 Private  J. HarvieItaly9.8.441584543 Private  C. KempBurma25.2.45
14717315 Private  R. HawthorneIndia21.11.442938095 Private  G. KendallMiddle East16.6.41
2931965 Private  C. HayFrance & Belgium5.6.402939370 Private  G.C. KennowayItaly3.2.44
874263 Private  R. HayFrance & Belgium26.5.402928678 Private  T.H. KerrEritrea15.3.41
2932369 Private  J.J. HealyU.K.20.7.402937521 Private   J. KilmartinU.K.8.12.40
2932249 Private  D. HegartyFrance & Belgium14.10.422928226 Private  R. KilroyU.K.29.6.40
2930552 Private  J.E. HendersonFrance & Belgium4.6.402936217 Private  R.S. KingMiddle East1.11.42
14993801 Private  T. HendryU.K.19.1.453320430 Private  W. KirkWestern Europe10.2.45
4538225 Private  J.W. HeptonstallIndia26.3.442766070 Private  J. KnoxBurma5.5.44
2938092 Private  L. HeyMiddle East15.6.414543145 Private  C.T.B. LambWestern Europe17.2.45
2930883 Private  W. HibbertFrance & Belgium26.5.403055302 Private  C. LangNorth Africa23.3.43
4915723 Private  J.A. HickmanWestern Europe24.6.443322211 Private  G.W. LanghamWestern Europe16.6.44
2929331 Private  C. HillFrance & Belgium24.5.412934705 Private  J. LangthorneNorth Africa23.3.43
14217508 Private  H. HillIndia26.8.432938235 Private  T. LapsleyItaly5.8.44
2931521 Private  J. HillFrance & Belgium11.5.412935314 Private  J. LaveryMiddle East1.2.42
3975682 Private  J. HillNorth Africa6.4.432926310 Private  J.R. LawFrance & Belgium26.5.40
2928045 Private  A. HislopEritrea26.3.412934585 Private  W.A. LawtonU.K.27.12.40
14209360 Private  J.H. HoggNorth Africa6.4.432989661 Private  C. LeeItaly13.9.44
2930099 Private  K. HoldenMiddle East10.12.401591391 Private  A.E. LeighItaly15.9.44
3608363 Private  W. HoldenWestern Europe21.2.4514798555 Private  J.C. LewisWestern Europe24.3.45
14716294 Private  H. HolderWestern Europe18.11.442928126 Private  W. LindsayFrance & Belgium19.5.40
14426461 Private  M.J. HollandWestern Europe22.8.4414442568 Private  P. LittleWestern Europe20.8.44
3971721 Private  E.G. HooperWestern Europe8.8.442939248 Private  W. LloydMiddle East2.11.42
2932625 Private  J.D. HorsfallU.K.20.12.392933443 Private  W. LloydWestern Europe23.10.44
3056058 Private  W. HowatsonU.K. 8.5.412932272 Private  D.M. LobbanWestern Europe13.6.44
3318997 Private  J.E. HoweItaly12.3.445388168 Private  B. LockeWestern Europe14.8.44
14432898 Private  W.G. HowieWestern Europe19.4.452927502 Private  A. LockieMiddle East5.12.41
2940065 Private  C. HudsonNorth Africa6.4.4314719323 Private  J. LockwoodWestern Europe23.10.44
14401329 Private  R.K. HughBurma5.5.4414678728 Private  T. LoganWestern Europe10.2.45
14394192 Private  A.E. HughesWestern Europe9.2.453128715 Private  B. LongFrance & Belgium5.6.40
1509105 Private  E. HughesItaly6.8.442934777 Private  R.K. LordNorth Africa1.5.43
3062129 Private  J. HumbleWestern Europe16.6.442938052 Private  J. LorimerMiddle East5.12.41
2983138 Private  J.T. HuttonItaly8.7.452939249 Private  P. LoughreyMiddle East24.10.42
2930823 Private  G.A. IngramMiddle East30.10.422931214 Private  W.J. LovegroveU.K.12.12.39
972377 Private  N. JacksonItaly25.7.442873995 Private  C.J. LowItaly18.5.44
14414323 Private  R. JamesWestern Europe8.8.442928862 Private  W. LoyMiddle East6.12.41
4916987 Private  H.D. JoblingWestern Europe23.11.4414211168 Private  J. LumsdenU.K.3.8.43
14439614 Private  R.JobsonWestern Europe17.2.452940233 Private  W.A. LundieItaly5.8.44
14441901 Private  F.G. JohnsonWestern Europe9.10.44

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