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POPPYRoll of Honour

Number and NameTheatre of OperationsDateNumber and NameTheatre of OperationsDate
2929640 Private  A. MacdonaldFrance & Belgium4.6.402939857 Private  J. M'EvoyItaly28.2.44
2931755 Private  A. MacdonaldFrance & Belgium4.6.402930370 Private  J.D. M'FarlaneFrance & Belgium1.6.40
407697 Private  A. MacdonaldFrance & Belgium11.6.403130851 Private  M. M'FarlaneMiddle East24.10.42
14498732 Private C.E. MacdonaldWestern Europe18.11.442939859 Private  J. M'GarrityNorth Africa23.3.43
14620700 Private  G.W. MacdonaldBurma4.5.442939572 Private  P. M'GovernWestern Europe19.4.45
2929786 Private  J. MacdonaldFrance & Belgium4.6.402933624 Private  F. M'GowanU.K.31.3.41
2930431 Private  J. MacdonaldFrance & Belgium6.6.402940006 Private  W.P. M'GrathNorth Africa6.4.43
2939636 Private  J. MacdonaldMiddle East24.10.422932906 Private  B. M'HaleBurma5.5.44
2935908 Private  J. MacdonaldWestern Europe16.6.442993467 Private  S. M'IlroyU.K. 2.7.42
2929765 Private  J.W. MacdonaldFrance & Belgium30.12.412930332 Private  T. M'InallyFrance & Belgium21.5.40
2927789 Private  K. MacdonaldEritrea15.3.4114214598 Private  A. M'IntoshItaly23.2.44
2935541 Private  K. MacdonaldMiddle East24.10.422940248 Private  A. M'IntyreItaly18.9.44
2926240 Private  M. MacdonaldWestern Europe16.6.442935547 Private  W. M'IntyreU.K.20.8.43
2929036 Private  R. MacdonaldFrance & Belgium4.6.402929066 Private  A. M'KayFrance & Belgium3.6.40
2939217 Private  W.C. MacdonaldMiddle East2.11.422934887 Private  J. M'KayMiddle East5.12.42
13014089 Private  J. MacfarlaneNorth Africa23.3.432935984 Private  J. M'KechnieU.K.24.11.41
2993270 Private  R. MacfarlaneWestern Europe18.7.4414588007 Private  H. M'KellarBurma4.5.44
2933107 Private  J. MacgowanNorth Africa16.3.432934479 Private  D.H. M'KenzieU.K.13.8.41
14411592 Private  C. MachinWestern Europe9.2.452928863 Private  T. M'KirdyEritrea15.3.41
2930926 Private  J.E. MacintyreFrance & Belgium5.6.403065385 Private  A.H. M'LachlanMiddle East2.11.42
14214599 Private  A. MacivorWestern Europe16.6.442939865 Private  J. M'LarenItaly20.9.44
3318404 Private  J.H. MackMiddle East14.12.422936167 Private  R. M'LarenU.K.20.2.43
2938065 Private  G. MackayMiddle East22.6.422933108 Private  W. M'LaughlinBurma30.4.44
2932512 Private  G.J.D. MackayU.K.19.11.40410344 Private    D. M'LeanFrance & Belgium27.5.40
2930881 Private  A.S. MackenzieMiddle East3.11.422985239 Private  T.G. M'LeanItaly15.3.44
2929000 Private  D. MackenzieMiddle East23.10.402939546 Private  G. M'LeishItaly4.9.44
2930524 Private  F. MackenzieEritrea15.3.412937307 Private  D. M'LeodItaly4.3.44
14364368 Private  G. MackenzieU.K.27.5.432935935 Private  J. M'LeodWestern Europe13.6.44
2933030 Private  K. MackenzieItaly16.3.442929107 Private  J.A. M'LeodFrance & Belgium4.6.40
2939721 Private  M.H. MackenzieMiddle East24.10.422931870 Private  R.D. M'LeodFrance & Belgium11.4.45
2931869 Private  N. MackenzieFrance & Belgium12.8.402928781 Private  I. M'Leod-RobertsonMiddle East23.10.40
14634142 Private  C.G. MackinnonWestern Europe13.6.4414419251 Private T.M. M'LoughlinItaly7.9.44
2932882 Private  D. MackintoshFrance & Belgium5.6.4014209168 Private  A. M'MahonItaly5.3.44
2931365 Private  D.A. MackintoshEritrea3.2.41991393 Private   P. M'MahonItaly24.6.46
2930000 Private  D.S. MackintoshMiddle East2.11.422937436 Private  F. M'MillanMiddle East8.9.42
2930204 Private  J.A. MackintoshEritrea18.2.412931859 Private  J. M'MillanFrance & Belgium5.5.43
2928906 Private  M. MackintoshMiddle East22.11.442933093 Private  R. M'MillanNorth Africa23.3.43
2930702 Private  D. MaclachlanFrance & Belgium5.6.402927224 Private  D. M'MenamayFrance & Belgium16.6.43
2820235 Private  A. MacleanMiddle East4.12.412929600 Private  T.A. M'MonagleWestern Europe26.7.44
2938684 Private  D.J. MacleanBurma10.6.442935356 Private  J. M'MurrichItaly28.2.44
2932210 Private  A.U. MacleodMiddle East26.10.422939274 Private  E.J. M'NairnItaly19.3.44
2818093 Private  G. MacleodItaly6.3.441077188 Private  A. M'PhersonItaly1.10.44
2939394 Private  N. MacleodFrance & Belgium13.5.402928688 Private  J. M'PhillipsWestern Europe13.6.44
2933743 Private  W. MacleodU.K. 23.5.412938492 Private  M. M'QueenBurma9.1.45
2938069 Private  D. MacnivenNorth Africa23.3.432939277 Private  D.A. M'RaeSicily17.7.43
2932130 Private  S. MacphailFrance & Belgium10.6.402931721 Private  O.F. M'RaeFrance & Belgium4.6.40
2929308 Private  D.A. MacpheeFrance & Belgium5.6.404545769 Private  W. MedleyNorth Africa22.3.43
2932758 Private  J. MacpheeFrance & Belgium7.6.4014207515 Private  F.J. MeekWestern Europe17.11.44
2939739 Private  J.H. MacphersonMiddle East2.11.423055449 Private  W. MelroseFrance & Belgium16.4.45
2932001 Private  R.G. MacphersonFrance & Belgium4.6.402932699 Private  R.R. MeneelyWestern Europe13.6.44
2931166 Private  W.E. MaddockWestern Europe24.3.452933789 Private  A.D.B. MenziesWestern Europe24.3.45
3607987 Private  C.A. MageeWestern Europe10.8.442934172 Private  J. MichaelBurma4.5.44
2929007 Private  J. MageeMiddle East24.3.4214214579 Private  D.M. MillanWestern Europe13.8.44
4541068 Private  W. MageenBurma15.5.442930153 Private  J.H. MillanU.K. 12.7.41
2935015 Private  A. MaguireItaly30.4.442928155 Private  S. MillarFrance & Belgium23.5.40
2928115 Private  C. MaitlandFrance & Belgium20.5.402932413 Private  W.H. MillerFrance & Belgium7.6.40
2934418 Private  H. MarsdenMiddle East16.8.432935364 Private  M.W. MilliganNorth Africa23.3.43
2930101 Private  A.H. MarshallEritrea15.3.412929988 Private  A. MilneMiddle East31.10.42
2939871 Private  S. MarshallWestern Europe23.6.442930077 Private  F. MilneMiddle East9.12.40
2931865 Private  D. MartinFrance & Belgium4.6.402934707 Private  C.W. MinikinNorth Africa16.6.43
2930946 Private  R. MartinNorway30.5.4014573461 Private  G.W. MireeItaly23.8.44
2932844 Private  W. MartinFrance & Belgium27.5.402932113 Private  J.E. MirzanItaly11.6.44
4922206 Private  W. MartleyWestern Europe23.6.442933469 Private  J.H. MitchellNorth Africa28.3.43
14653091 Private  D. MasseyWestern Europe14.8.443320212 Private  K. MitchellEritrea15.3.41
2939713 Private  G. MassonMiddle East2.11.422939258 Private  P. MitchellMiddle East14.12.42
14402256 Private  J.T. MastersWestern Europe28.3.453320534 Private  R. MitchellBurma25.2.45
2931740 Private  M.D. MathesonFrance & Belgium9.10.401808113 Private  W. MitchellWestern Europe26.3.45
2931343 Private  S.C. MathesonMiddle East12.5.442928013 Private  W.P. MochanMiddle East16.6.41
2928247 Private  W. MathieFrance & Belgium21.5.402928489 Private  F.W. MonaghanFrance & Belgium27.5.40
2929383 Private  J.L.D. MawerMiddle East15.6.412934173 Private  A. MontgomeryMiddle East2.11.42
14390634 Private  G.W. MaycockItaly9.7.442939872 Private  J. MooreMiddle East24.1.43
2928999 Private  J. M'AllindenEritrea26.1.413601541 Private  J.R. MorganWestern Europe21.2.45
2939851 Private  J. M'AvoyMiddle East21.1.434985598 Private  D. MorleyBurma5.5.44
2931296 Private  A. M'BainEritrea15.3.412933621 Private  P. MorleyWestern Europe13.6.44
2935538 Private  W. M'BrideWestern Europe16.8.442931097 Private  A. MorrisonFrance & Belgium5.6.40
4393456 Private  P. M'CafferyBurma14.4.4414563695 Private  J. MorrisonIndia8.11.44
2935502 Private  H.A. M'CallIndia23.11.4411409735 Private  J.M. MorrisonItaly18.9.44
2932843 Private  G.I. M'CallumItaly5.3.442939624 Private  R. MorrisonMiddle East29.10.42
2933092 Private  J. M'CallumMiddle East6.11.422924181 Private  R.E. MorrisonFrance & Belgium5.6.40
6980641 Private  J. M'CallumBurma26.4.444751125 Private  C.D. MortimerNorth Africa6.4.43
2930073 Private  B. M'CashMiddle East10.12.402940173 Private  S. MortimerMiddle East21.1.43
14598916 Private  W.G. M'ClellandWestern Europe23.10.442933691 Private  S. MottersheadNorth Africa23.3.43
2932462 Private  A.D. M'CollItaly4.3.4414722324 Private  F.C. MoysesWestern Europe10.1.45
3135252 Private  R.B. M'ConnellAt Sea24.7.422938377 Private  J. MuirMiddle East4.12.41
2930371 Private  W. M'ConvilleFrance & Belgium23.5.4011052103 Private  D. MullenWestern Europe30.8.44
2932894 Private  F.B. M'CormackWestern Europe28.3.452926625 Private  T. MullenWestern Europe13.6.44
2930404 Private  T. M'CormackFrance & Belgium11.4.4214437753 Private  D. MulvihillWestern Europe18.7.44
6209528 Private  J.J. M'CuskerWestern Europe13.6.442931492 Private  A. MunroFrance & Belgium5.6.40
2933258 Private  J.J. M'DevittItaly19.3.442928607 Private  H. MunroWestern Europe9.2.45
2928850 Private  B. M'DonaldEritrea31.1.412928118 Private  J. MunroFrance & Belgium22.5.40
2938414 Private  J. M'DonaldSicily1.8.432930396 Private  J.A. MunroFrance & Belgium4.6.40
2931985 Private  J.A. M'DonaldFrance & Belgium13.6.402940098 Private  J.A. MurchisonWestern Europe3.7.44
2929700 Private  D. M'DonnellFrance & Belgium5.6.402935950 Private  W. MurphyNorth Africa23.3.43
2928915 Private  W. M'DougallMiddle East2.11.422937667 Private  J. MurrayU.K. 2.7.41
2928736 Private  J. M'DowellMiddle East4.12.412928371 Private  J. MurrayItaly12.6.44
2931715 Private  N. M'EachenFrance & Belgium1.6.402928064 Private  J.H. MurrayFrance & Belgium4.6.40
2925860 Private  J.P. M'ErlainFrance & Belgium27.5.40403291 Private  L. M'I,S. MurrayItaly6.9.44
3779153 Private  H. M'EvoyMiddle East2.11.422928797 Private  W. MurrayMiddle East13.8.42

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