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Number & NameTheatre of OperationsDateNumber & NameTheatre of OperationsDate
2936092 Private  T. NashU.K.9.9.414912853 Private  F.T. PriceWestern Europe29.6.44
2929005 Private  F. NealEritrea15.3.412928831 Private  A. PrydeMiddle East15.6.41
2990855 Private  J. NevilleBalkans & Greece27.6.453778393 Private  R. QuayleMiddle East5.12.42
2932563 Private  A.S. NewallMiddle East3.11.4114790847 Private  R. QuigleyWestern Europe17.2.45
14782639 Private  P.I. NewittWestern Europe29.3.454863689 Private  C.N.B. QuinnMiddle East24.10.42
2940176 Private  J.H. NicholMiddle East21.1.432885693 Private  J. QuirieItaly5.8.44
2937739 Private  D.W. NicolMiddle East13.3.422925819 Private  W. RaeFrance & Belgium21.5.40
2932005 Private  G. NisbetFrance & Belgium14.4.45852917 Private  J. RayU.K. 24.10.42
2929890 Private  J.F. NollMiddle East24.10.422934671 Private  J. RaynerBurma18.5.44
2928552 Private  A. NoonMiddle East8.7.412938167 Private  A. RedaelliU.K. 9.3.41
4393452 Private  G. NorburyBurma7.5.442890615 Private  A.L. ReidItaly9.9.44
3317185 Private  A. NorthBurma5.5.442939918 Private  D. ReidNorth Africa23.3.43
2929268 Private  A. NortonMiddle East4.12.412925514 Private  K. ReidFrance & Belgium5.6.40
4614537 Private  R. NugentNorth Africa6.4.432930635 Private  S.C. ReidFrance & Belgium4.6.40
2935637 Private  W. OgstonNorth Africa6.4.432927083 Private  J.A. ReithFrance & Belgium27.1.45
3131389 Private  F. OliverMiddle East3.11.4214410115 Private  A.E. RennieWestern Europe13.6.44
2930054 Private  R. O'NeillMiddle East24.10.422939751 Private  J. RenwickMiddle East24.10.42
14742041 Private  F. O'ReillyWestern Europe16.11.442937990 Private  J.H. RenwickMiddle East4.12.41
14205461 Private  A. OrrNorth Africa6.4.432930172 Private  D.E. ReynoldsBurma5.5.44
2817068 Private  C. OrrItaly5.8.4414002895 Private  J. ReynoldsWestern Europe23.10.44
2928450 Private  J.A. OrrEritrea31.1.414393473 Private  G. RhodesBurma14.5.44
2051906 Private  A.W. OveryNorth Africa23.3.432933128 Private  R. RiceItaly20.2.44
2928351 Private  B. PaddenMiddle East15.6.413055093 Private  N. RigbyNorth Africa3.1.44
2929272 Private  F. ParfittU.K.13.8.413188431 Private  J. RiggNorth Africa23.3.43
4746348 Private  J. ParhamEritrea15.3.414462691 Private  W.H. RiggsBurma29.4.44
4980916 Private  T. ParrBurma6.5.442932267 Private  G. RobbMiddle East30.10.42
14650168 Private  J.E. ParryWestern Europe23.10.442937993 Private  J. RobbMiddle East5.12.41
2939748 Private  A.C. PatersonWestern Europe13.6.4414656554 Private  J. RobbWestern Europe6.6.44
2939162 Private  J. PatersonIndia25.2.453245880 Private  T. RobertsonBurma10.6.44
14515850 Private  J.D. PattersonItaly7.3.442928043 Private  R. RobsonMiddle East29.5.40
4986228 Private  J.W. PattersonBurma10.6.442927426 Private  R.S.R. RodhamMiddle East17.10.40
2932594 Private  H. PembertonMiddle East3.11.412932043 Private  J.M. RooneyMiddle East5.6.40
14417439 Private  P. PeoplesWestern Europe18.8.442928545 Private  P. RooneyEritrea15.3.41
5386692 Private  F.G. PerkinsWestern Europe15.8.446216077 Private  F.A. RoseIndia11.8.45
14624678 Private  H.E. PerkinsBurma12.5.442931773 Private  A. RossFrance & Belgium5.6.40
14727633 Private  W.D. PerryWestern Europe23.10.442937590 Private  A. RossBurma25.2.45
14413373 Private  D.A. PettWestern Europe24.6.442930225 Private  H.J. RossFrance & Belgium27.5.40
2935379 Private  W. PhillipsNorth Africa16.7.43410431 Private  W. RossFrance & Belgium25.8.40
14627882 Private  F. PikeWestern Europe24.10.442934382 Private  W. RossMiddle East17.1.43
919400 Private  W.R. PooleWestern Europe20.8.442928437 Private  W. RossBurma6.5.44
14790433 Private  J. PorteousWestern Europe24.3.453710555 Private  T. RoweWestern Europe20.2.45
3136365 Private  J. PottlesNorth Africa26.4.432993488 Private  J. RoyItaly22.2.44
2932557 Private  J.A. PoveyMiddle East4.11.422932427 Private  A. RussellFrance & Belgium23.6.40
2933600 Private  A.E. PrescottNorth Africa6.4.432939238 Private  R. RussellMiddle East21.10.42

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