Cameron blazer badge5th battalion
The Queens Own Cameron Highlanders
"Keep 'em Moving"
5th Camerons
Mareth & Wadi Akarit

North Africa 1943

5th Camerons North Africa 1943
5th Camerons, North Africa 1943. 2934077 Pte. George Sands (sitting left of group)

Highland Division Insignia
Because of their habit of painting their divisional HD on any and all available places, the Highland Division became known as;

The Highway Decorators
2934077 Pte George Sands. 5th Camerons. North Africa 1943
Life in the desert, 2934077 Pte George Sands, North Africa 1943.

The perimeter wire Tobruk 1947The wire at Tobruk (picture taken in 1947). by kind permission of John Swan

Anti tank ditch, Mareth 1943
The Anti-Tank ditch at Mareth, battle fought,
22nd March 1943
Wadi Akarit
Wadi Akarit, the last set piece battle fought by 5th Camerons in North Africa,
 6th April 1943

51st Highland Division Pipers lead theTunis victory parade51st Highland Division Pipers lead the victory parade in Tunis
Victory parade, Tunis, May 1943, led by pipers of
51st Highland Division

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