Cameron cap badge The Queens Own Cameron Highlanders
"Keep 'em Moving"
5th Camerons
Sicily & Home
1943 - 1944

2934077 Pte George Sands and friends, Sicily 1943
George & friends, Sicily 1943
5th Camerons Mortar platoon, Sicily 1943
5th Camerons Mortar Platoon, posing for action, Sicily 1943

5th battalion Cameron Highlanders Officers, Sicily 1943Officers
Officers of 5th battalion, The Queens Own Cameron Highlanders, Sicily 1943.
Tommy Lamb 3rd from left, middle row.
(kindly supplied and permitted by  Sheina B Lamb.)

Capt. W.C.B Smith, C.F. Lieut. A.I.H.MacFarlane, Capt. D.A.C.MacKillop, Lieut. J.M.MacKay, Lieut. T.B.M Lamb, Lieut. J.Gentleman, Capt. J.B.Black, Lieut. G.K.Cattenach, Lieut. B.Henderson, Lieut. W.Dobbie, Lieut. F.Greenwood, Lieut. G.Henderson, Capt. & Q.M. W.M.Milne,
 Capt. W.W.Yellowlees, RAMC., Lieut. I.Macdonald, Lieut. R.J.A. Cook, Lieut. W.G.Chalmers, Capt. A.L.MacNab, Lieut. D.H.Cameron.

Front Row (Left to Right) :

Capt. H.V. Dawson, Major C.A.B. Malden, M.C. Major C.A.H.M Noble, M.C., Brig. G.H.A. MacMilllan, C.B.E., MC., Lt.Col. A.G.F.Monro, Maj.Gen. D.N.Wimberley, C.B., D.S.O., M.C., Major. I.A.G. Davy, Capt. I.G.Inch, Capt. R.C.McCunn.

Cameron Christmas card from Sicily 1943Cameron Christmas card, Sicily 1943
Cameron Christmas card, December 1943. Sent home from Sicily

George Sands & Joan Leggett marriage, St Augustines church, Ipswich, April 8th 1944

On April 8th 1944, at St Augustines church, Ipswich,
George married his beloved Joan. They had a honeymoon of 6 days with George's family in Yorkshire.

colour by Pristine Image
George & Joan Sands 1944

George bought Joan a new coat for a going away present, it cost about 5. His Mother-in-law thought it a wicked waste of money, not knowing it was paid for from the contents of prisoners pockets.

In mid May, 5th Camerons moved to a camp on the common at Snaresbrook, near Leyton, just outside London. They erected a sign reading "Monty's Zoo" after receiving abuse from passing Italian Prisoners of war, who, it seemed, had more freedom than the British army. 5th camerons were split into three landing groups for Normandy, D+1, D+7 and D+14. George would be amongst the first Camerons ashore, landing early afternoon, D-Day 6th June 1944, about 12 hours early. This was the start of the long trek across Europe, to such places as; St Honorine(twice), the "Triangle", St Valery, Le Havre, St Pierre sur Dives, Falaise, Tilly, Best, Eindhoven, Schijndel, Vught, s'Hertogenbosch, the "Island", Heusden, Zig canal(Cameron bridge). The Battle of the Bulge and the "Bloody Reischwald Forest". The Rhine crossing and the charge across Germany, finishing at Cuxaven and the Victory parade at Bremerhaven.
St Honorine, 13th June 1944 was to be 5th Camerons first major battle of the Normandy campaign. "D" Company would be under command of Major Eric Mainwaring.

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